We need some muscle

Trump’s  a bully, an asshole and a punk.  It’s time someone took him down.  Christie is the logical choice.  Let’s see if he’s got the balls.

He’s a bully because he builds himself up by cutting other people down.

He’s an asshole, as he proved when he said of eighteen year Congressional veteran, and two term Governor of the State of Ohio, ” I built an unbelievable company, worth billions and billions of dollars.  I don’t have to hear from this man.”  A man who has never won an election in his life, and who managed to invest his inherited wealth just well enough to match the return of an index fund, tells the Governor of the nation’s political bellwether to go to hell.

He’s a punk because he’s lived behind a wall of hired security his whole life, and this, and only this, allows him to go through life hurling base insults at anyone in his way.  Without that wall of security, long ago the Donald would have been knocked on his ass, and lucky if all he suffered was a broken nose.

In case both the Cubans falter we need a backup.  Because of poor political judgment and an unattractive personality, Kasich has thoroughly disqualified himself.  Rand Paul is a terrible communicator.  So it’s Christie.

Trump is in his lane.  The brash, urban, tough talking no bullshit guy from the big city.  Christie has to make a move.  If the relegation to the undercard continues he’s dead meat.  Town meetings in New Hampshire aren’t enough.

Here’s what I’d do.  Turn Trump’s wealth against him.  Explain that because of his cosseted life, he has no idea of what it’s like to struggle to make it in this country.  He was born into an elite class of rich businessmen who use the government at the expense of the common man.  That’s why Trump is all in on eminent domain.  That’s why Trump thinks affirmative action is such a good idea.  And that’s why Trump thinks wages are too high.

Maybe this line of attack could be accomplished on Twitter, which I know nothing about.  Trump uses it a lot, so maybe that’s the way to come at him.

The best part of the debate was watching the Money Honey and Don Juan make eyes at each other.  She was right in the middle of her delivery of a softball when Marco started grinning at her.  The audience had hissed a little when Bartiromo praised Hillary’s experience, but Marco could see where she was going, and he was loving it.  I tell you, it helps if you get along with the ladies.

Once he clinches the nomination Rubio has to resign the Senate, allowing the Governor to appoint an interim replacement. Whoever it is, they will be an incumbent Republican in the general a year from now.  The Florida seat will not be in play if Marco is the nominee.

Per Biddulph the Assembly of State Legislatures voted 14-11, with two abstentions, in favor of the strict one state, one vote principle in the proposed Convention Rules.  I’m shocked the vote was that close.  If we had lost it would have set us back a year, or more.  Too close for comfort.  I should get the full dope tomorrow.

I’m glad I’m not there.  This is the kind of iron butt stuff that I didn’t like in politics.  I did it, but I didn’t like it.  I don’t operate well in groups.  I work better on my own.  Because of this, I had no business in the state legislature.  The whole thing went against my nature.  But I wanted to go to Washington and kick some ass, and this was how I was trying to qualify myself.

I was a terrible politician.  I’d go campaigning door to door on a weekday afternoon, and a lot of housewives would answer, home alone, and I could tell some of them were a little afraid of me.  I’d tell them that I was a candidate for the state legislature, but they were skeptical.

I was so bad that I was losing my first election when my buddy Bill McConkey had George Lukens come out to the house and do a TV spot with me, Babbie, and our three little boys.  That spot won the election.

Thank you, Babbie.

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