You ain’t got no money? You just ain’t no good.

About the time I posted yesterday the Donald took the stage in Iowa, melted down, and proved me right.  I’m starting to feel like a psychic.  The terrorist attacks in Paris have buried it, but the film from last night we will see again.  And again.

The timing is about right.  The normally level headed Robert Costa of the WaPo was out this morning on the panic sweeping the GOP, the realization that Trump could win, and the laughable need for Romney.  No worries, mate.  That’s a story you’ll wish you hadn’t written.  It’s a joke before it’s 24 hours old.

Trump’s problem is that Carson has caught him in the polls.  How can that be?  He can’t accept it. His ego is so fragile he goes ballistic when he’s not all alone on top.  He’s gone, roughly, from 30 down to 25.  This slide will continue, and the Donald won’t be able to handle it.   When he sinks into the teens he’s going to call it quits.  He hinted at that last night.  If the people of Iowa are so stupid to prefer Carson over him, to hell with them.  He’s got better things to do.  He’s a very rich man, did you know that?  He’s such a success in life we should make him President, and then we’ll be a success too.  And if we aren’t smart enough to figure that out we don’t deserve him.  He sleeps only with supermodels, did you know that?  Have you ever even slept with one supermodel?  Loser.

A final impression from the debate.  (My God, I’m starting to sound like Peggy Noonan.)  Cruz gave a great close, ending with a pitch for his website.  Impressive stuff.  Then Rubio is up, and matches him.  Except at the end, when he’s giving out his website, just as Cruz did, he gets this big grin on his face, laughing at himself for being repetitious.  And Neal Cavuto cracks up with him, smiling at him like he had a man crush.

Two guys, same speech.  Read a transcript, nothing to choose.  But to see how at ease Rubio is in his own skin, and how well he shows it off, is to watch a gifted man.

The Assembly of State Legislatures meeting in Salt Lake has adjourned after its most productive session.  The one state, one vote formula is intact, and stronger than ever.  And legislators from Idaho and Wyoming were there to see it happen, to see the Florida delegation, for instance, stand forthrightly and uncompromisingly for one state, one vote, even though Florida would benefit from population based alternatives.  Special recognition goes to Rep. Jim Stalzer of South Dakota for leading the fight for one state, one vote.

With this behind us we look forward to an easier path to 34, most particularly in Idaho and Wyoming.  Now that they’ve seen, themselves, that it’s one state, one vote, period, we should have a much easier time.

Though I wasn’t there, I must say it did my heart good to know that we had delegations from 27 states, meeting to discuss the procedures to be recommended to an Article V Amendment Convention.  They had recorded votes to resolve contested issues.  Regardless of the size of the delegation, or the size of the state, voting was conducted according to the one state, one vote principle.

As it always has been, and always shall be.

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