A black swan in Paris

It was after 9-11 that Bush 2 revealed himself as a deeply stupid man.  Islam is a religion of peace, he informed us.  9-11 wasn’t about Islam at all.  It was about terror.  So we declared war on a tactic.

We still fight a war, not against radical Islam, but against terror.  Perhaps the French will face the truth.  Probably not.  It might be considered offensive.

Obama won’t own up to what we’re facing.  And neither will Bush 3.

Trump will.  If he is allowed to get out in front on this issue, he’ll be right back in it, even after his Iowa meltdown.  Cruz and Rubio need to realize this is a very big deal, and respond accordingly.  By asking, for instance, a simple question.  Why do we let these people into our country?  The latest report says one of the Paris killers was a Syrian “refugee” who had passed through Greece six weeks ago.  The Muslims we want to let in the country, what assurances do we have that they might not contain a terrorist  cell?  None.  But Obama wants them to come to this country for humanitarian reasons.  But being humane begins at home.  Protecting your loved ones is the highest form of humanitarianism.

This is the kind of thing that can turn an election.  If Obama were to join the French in assembling an international expeditionary force and wiped ISIS off the face of the earth he’d be a hero.  Hillary would have a real shot at winning.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, we don’t have to worry about Obama doing any such thing.  It would be against his nature.

At the moment it feels like 1968.  LBJ was a discredited and reviled President, anathema in his own party.  Bobby Kennedy was on his way to the Democratic nomination when he was assassinated.  Antiwar demonstrations and race riots rocked the country, and Martin Luther King Jr. was also assassinated.  The Democratic Convention in Chicago was a debacle, and George Wallace rallied millions to his cause.  The war in Vietnam raged on, with weekly death counts of American soldiers in the hundreds.  It felt like things were falling apart.

The election of 1968 was the end of a five year long golden era of liberalism.  JFK’s assassination gave the Democrats the political momentum to pass the Civil Rights Laws and the Great Society.  Nixon’s election meant the end of liberalism’s brief burst of unlimited power.

Obama’s  burst lasted little more than a year.  When Scott Brown replaced Teddy in the Senate the filibuster returned, and Obamacare would be the principal legislative accomplishment of Obama’s two terms.

You could say there’s a similarity between ’68 and today.  The huge expansion of the federal government  — the Great Society  — wasn’t popular.  It was rejected by the American people in 1968  — emphatically, when you add Nixon’s and Wallace’s vote together.  And Obama’s expansion isn’t popular either.  If this election is a referendum on Obamacare Hillary doesn’t have a prayer.  If 2016 is like 1968 we’ll do just fine.

Not according to Stan “The Man” Greenberg, though. The Republicans are set to suffer a defeat of historic proportions.  It’s right there in the WaPo, or somewhere.  I keep quoting this guy because he’s one of the big political gurus on the left.  This guy thinks really deep.  He says if the Republicans don’t “… repudiate anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim appeals and embrace the United States as an immigrant nation …” they’re doomed.  This article is published on the day of the Paris Massacre.  Nice timing, Stan.

This is the third article by this guy that I’ve read in a month.  I keep waiting for something.  So, what’s he got?  Demographics.  Period.  That’s all they’ve got.

I don’t understand the Europeans.  I really don’t.  They don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves.  But I suppose you could say the same thing about us.  Why do we allow our government to let these people into the country?  What do we get out of it?  We don’t need any more Muslims in this country.  Why would we want any more?

Islam is not a religion of peace.  And its adherents reject Western Civilization .  That’s our civilization.  Why do we want more of these people?


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