Cast your fate to the wind

I’d rather not be a Democrat.  Obama and his party have chosen to stay the course after Paris.  No corrections or adjustment, just low intensity, politically supervised, and low risk operations.  No one believes this will take out ISIS.

At the same time we’ll take in between 10,000 and 65,000 Syrian “refugees”, after having done a pro forma background check.  This is insanity.  To believe that not one of these thousands will be a jihadist is absurd.

The American people know it, and will hold Obama and the Democrats accountable.  If a Syrian immigrant commits a serious crime against an American citizen, much less an act of terror, there will be hell to pay.  If we have a terror incident involving Syrians it could easily put a Republican in the White House.  If ISIS manages to pull off a  major attack in this country, the Democrats are toast.

ISIS holds the Democratic Party hostage.

Democrats are the party of compassion, and nurturing.  They care, and share, and avoid conflict.  They’re the Mommy party.  When there is danger, Americans look to the party of strength, resolve and muscle.  That’s the Daddy party, the Republicans.  Throughout the Cold War the Republicans had an advantage.  In times of peace that advantage disappears.  Paris demonstrates, even to the very lowest information voter, that there’s a war on.

I’d rather not be a Democrat right now.

At the parliamentary French President Hollande just addressed a joint session of the National Assembly and Senate in the parliamentary  chamber at the Palace of Versailles.  France is at war, and he wants it on a war footing.  Constitutional protections and civil liberties may be suspended.  This man means business.*

Obama, not so much.  Nothing much to see here, let’s move on.  And no Democrat will cross him.  The Socialist President of France, of all people, is a tower of strength.  In contrast, The United States is led by an insecure and listless man.

You can imagine the Republicans overreacting.  If there are no further attacks, a year from now perhaps the Democrats’ caution and passivity will be rewarded.  I sure wouldn’t count on it.

As the party in power, the Democrats are responsible for our security.  With 9-11, Bush 2 blew it, but because of his bellicose reaction didn’t pay a price.  With Obama it’s different.  Everyone can see his aversion to another Mideast adventure.  It’s understandable, and doesn’t hurt politically.  Yet.  But Hillary and the Democrats can do nothing but hope they can get by for eleven and a half months without an act of terror on  our soil.  That’s a long time to wait.  I’d be nervous.

I’d rather not be a Democrat right now.


*Hat tip to Tim Kelly






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