In my little corner of the world

We’re pretty much birds of a feather here in the Sierra foothills.

When Babbie and I left Alaska after 27 years we looked at Healdsburg in the North Bay wine country, and at Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz redwoods.  I knew I wouldn’t fit in.  Republicans are endangered species in both areas.  They’re both beautiful, pseudo-rural areas, but I felt a vague sense of discomfort.

So I decided to take a look at the foothills, and after a couple days in Sonora I called Babbie and told her we’d found a new place to live.  I fit in.  We’ve been here fourteen years and I still feel right at home.  Our popular sheriff openly refuses to enforce gun control laws he feels are unconstitutional.  I feel right at home.

This is an example of the great sorting, and it’s a good thing.  People are more comfortable around others who are similar to them.  This is not a racial thing.  Blacks feel more comfortable around blacks.  People like being in a “safe space”, having a sanctuary.   It’s human nature.  This makes some people uneasy, but it’s a fact:  diversity does not unite communities, it divides them.

As an American, I’m very supportive of diversity, of all kinds.  I like the fact that we’re not all a bunch of Deutschlanders living in Deutschland.  We come from all over the world, and I think that’s very cool.  We’re about to elect a Cubano as our President.  How cool is that.  Having a black President was cool.

I also like living around people who are a lot like me.  I can visit San Francisco and see all the diversity I want.  And people from San Francisco come to the foothills to recreate, which is great.  They’ve got their community, we’ve got ours.

I guess this makes me a racist.  But I’m not the only one.  I think a majority of Americans feel the same way.  It’s just the way people are.

The Democrats don’t like this kind of talk, because it smacks of segregation.  But a strictly voluntary, and unorganized, segregation, enforced by no law, surrounded by no barriers.  It is not racial.  Though they are few in number, ethnic minorities are welcome in the foothills, and can feel at home here.  It’s a  spontaneous clustering of like minded individuals who are at the same time full participants in the society at large.

This is what’s happening in America because this is what people want.  And in this country the people, eventually, get what they want.

This is a part of chasm between red state and blue state America.  We’re very different from one another, and don’t particularly enjoy each others company.   I don’t have any problem with the people in San Francisco living their progressive lifestyle.  Live and let live, I say.

I just wish they’d treat me the same way.

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