Change? Hope?

Politico has a story on the partisan divide which points out the one, big, defining issue for 2016.  The number one concern for Democrats is income inequality.  Republicans make economic growth their highest priority.  On substance, this may be the issue that decides the election.

The people who will decide this election haven’t been paying attention, and won’t until after Christmas.  They aren’t even Republicans or Democrats  — they’re independents, swing voters, middle of the roaders, and switch hitters.  Do they want Hillary leading the fight against income inequality, or a Cuban fighting for economic growth?

They’ll take the Cuban every day.  What does reducing income inequality do for them, personally, and their families?  What makes anybody think Hillary would be any more successful in this task than Obama?  Why does bringing rich people down do anything for the struggling middle class?  How, exactly, does all this work?

The Republican will have a clear and easily understood program for growth.  A plan which has been tested, most recently by Ronald Reagan, to great effect.  A plan which a century ago gave us the Roaring 20’s.

Fighting income inequality is inherently a job for an aggressive and powerful government.  Economic expansion requires the reduction of government, in the forms of taxes and regulation.  Do the independents of this country, after the experience of Obamacare, really want a more aggressive and  powerful federal government?  Or do they want it reined in?

If that’s the question I like the answer.

The Democratic Victory Task Force is out with its report, and we should be worried.  They nailed it.  We’re in trouble.

They’ve discovered their “disjointed style of communicating” makes them “lack a clear message.”  Debbie W-S makes clear that the failure to address any actual issues in this report is no accident.  On the issues, they’re just fine. No adjustment needed.  They need better messaging, that’s all.  The dog food is fabulous.  They need to sell it better.  They need a “clear, value based message”  to “promote innovation and prosperity for all.”  Oh, and they’re going to “reach out” to Southerners.

This is  what, at some point, is going to dawn on the independent “deciders.”  The D’s under Obama have run the federal government for eight years.  He only had the House and Senate together for two, and if Hillary wins she might take the Senate, but no one thinks the D’s flip the House.  So Hillary will face the same political circumstances that Obama has.  Why is she going to succeed in getting the economy going when he hasn’t?  What is she going to do different, and better?

With Hillary, is there any hope of change?


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