Cut a great road through the law

Reuters has an article saying Islam is now an existential threat to the West.  In other words, a threat to our very existence, or survival.  Politically, this means Republicans and Democrats have cover for discarding the Fourth Amendment.  They’re busy this week, in a marvelous display of much sought for bipartisanship, in subverting our freedom as Americans.

If Islam were in fact an existential threat I might give them a listen.  But Islam?  These people don’t know how to make bicycles.  We could wipe their whole civilization out on a weekend.  The only weapon they have is terror, and if people refuse to be terrified they’ve got nothing.

Sure, they can kill us if our guard is down.  In Arab culture, the stab in the back is celebrated.  But terror attacks are disruptive, not destructive.  The next day commerce begins again.

But what if they get a bomb?  It could happen.  They could blow it up in Manhattan and kill a million people.  America would survive.  Our existence would not be threatened.

And this, really, is the summit of their imagination: a nuclear device killing a million Americans.  Then what do they do?  Blow up another city?  They’d never get a chance.  Detonating a nuclear device in the United States is signing your own death warrant.  We’d start by dropping a 100 megaton bomb on Mecca, and move on from there.  No Moslem shrine in the world would be left standing.

Islam is a threat to our freedom only if they scare us into taking it away from ourselves.

I have to give a hat’s off to Judge Andrew Napolitano on Special Report.  He tore young Brett Baier a new one on this subject.  Liberty and security are not on a balance.  Our liberties are supreme, and enshrined in the Constitution.  You can’t say it much better than the Judge did.

The night before I saw something truly pathetic on the same show.  An Asian Frenchman was talking to his little boy about terrorism, and the kid says he’s afraid, because the bad people have all the guns, and the father says, “Yes, but we have flowers.”  There are words for this, but this is a family blog.

We should all thank God for the internet.  It has liberated knowledge, and opened lines of communication, that are completely unprecedented in human history.  We are living in a brave new world.  A world of expanding freedom, and measureless promise.  And we’re going to let a bunch of 7th Century fanatics take all this away from us?  I don’t think so..

There have been contests between liberty and security before in our cultural history.  As Thomas More said, “…when the last law was down, and the devil turned round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat?”

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