Take this job and shove it

Obama will not officially be on the 2016 ballot.  But most political models which attempt to forecast presidential elections include the approval rating of the retiring incumbent.  Since Hillary has no choice but to embrace everything Obama, I think it’s even  more important this year.  So I’m imagining I’m the Clinton brain trust and I’m watching Obama lately.  I’m pulling out my hair.  It’s almost like he’s trying to sabotage Hillary.  He makes no effort at understanding or placating those who oppose him.  He denigrates them, dismisses them.  Hillary’s problem is that he’s insulting large swaths of the American electorate.  He seems to enjoy showing his nonchalance.  Maybe he thinks it makes him look cool to the brothers.

This has been getting worse.  The latest, his flat affect discussing Paris, and his righteous anger at opponents of refugees, is the worst so far.  He’s not going to stop.  Why should he?  For Hillary and the Democratic Party?  They were both of use to him, but are not needed any longer. He’s planning a glorious, exciting, fun filled post-Presidency.  He’s looking forward to burnishing his legacy.  He can’t wait, and doesn’t mind showing it.

Sorry, Hil.

The big Article V news of the week is from Louisville, Kentucky where two term Democrat Rep. Denver Butler switched parties to bring the Democratic majority down to 53-47.  Four more switches and we’re in the majority, and a new target state.

This wasn’t hard to spot coming.  I’d have been surprised if it didn’t.  The Democratic Party of Kentucky was destroyed by the election of Matt Bevin.  It has no future.  And everybody knows it.

The icing on the cake was the concession speech by Speaker Stumbo.  He was in shock.  He just couldn’t believe a dope like Matt Bevin could win that election.  He starts rambling on about how Jesus didn’t come to Jerusalem on an elephant, and how Hillary will be riding into the state next year on a donkey.

I’m serious.  That’s what he said.  So I’m a Democrat in the State House watching this performance, and I’m thinking, This dumb bastard thinks Hillary Clinton is the answer to our problems in Kentucky?  I’m getting on the phone with Minority Leader Jeff Hoover.

Jeff’s a busy man right now.  He’s going to be Speaker when the House convenes on January 5th.  He just doesn’t want to give away too much to get there.

Butler is from relatively urban northwest Kentucky.  The Democrats who will make Hoover Speaker are from southeastern, coal country.  There are about fifteen of them.  They’ll want to come over as a group.  This increases their bargaining power.

They’ll want a lot, and this negotiation may take some time.  A  mistake can be costly, as happened in South Carolina when Sen. Hugh Leatherman led a group of Democrats into the Republican Party.  What he got out of it was control over the State Senate for the next quarter century.

A deal will be reached.  Jeff’s a reasonable man, and it’s in everyone’s interest that this legislative coup take place cleanly and without controversy.  I feel kind of badly for Stumbo.  From a big shot to road kill.  His wife probably loves him.

And we better start getting ready to move in Kentucky.

Brandon Finnigan of NRO has a piece on Hillary’s numbers in Wisconsin that affirms what I’ve believed for some time now.  The blue wall can be breached in the Midwest, in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  He cites, and vouches for, the Marquette Law Poll, which shows that Hillary is totally in the toilet with white working class men.  These are the guys, who, if they’d turned out, could have won the election for Romney.

They may not like Rubio or Cruz that much, but they’ll turn out to vote against Hillary.  I know these guys.  I’m very comfortable around these guys.  I don’t go to bars, but the few times I did here in Sonora I got along great with the locals.  They even invited me to join E Clampus Vitus, a local redneck organization.  I asked them if they allowed black people and they said they hadn’t given it any thought.  I declined.

I’m saying I know these people, and they just cannot stand Hillary Clinton.  She’s a complete and total bitch.  And a Barack Obama stand in.

Can you feel the tide?


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