They’re all made out of ticky tacky

And they all look just the same.

That’s what some hippie sang about the modest working class homes of  South San Francisco.  It is typical of the contempt the left has for the working people of this country, the ones who get up every day, do their boring job, and keep the country going.  Without them the country collapses.  No matter.  They’re boobs.

Nothing is more important to the leftist than to preen in his moral superiority to the common people of America.  It is the basis of his status as an enlightened and cosmopolitan  citizen of the world.  He is a member of an international elite of sophisticated opinion and tastes.  He embraces cultural diversity, rejecting any claim of American exceptionalism.

All this explains his attitude toward Syrian refugees.  Depending on how this all plays out, this could be a very hot political issue, and a major factor in the coming Republican landslide.

The D’s are way on the wrong side of this, but they’re stuck there because of  their contempt for the white working class.  This is so incredibly stupid, politically, that only explanation is that it represents a core value to the left, one they just can’t walk away from.

You almost get the feeling that they enjoy flaunting their alienation from the majority.  It makes them feel special.  An issue that so starkly contrasts them from working class whites has an inherent appeal.  For, above all, it is a clear demonstration of their moral superiority.  Practical political concerns just have to take a back seat.  This is the essence of who a liberal is.  You can hear them sing.  “I gotta be me.”

The Kentucky General Assembly convenes on January 5th, with the House, in my opinion, under the leadership of Speaker Jeff Hoover.  The last time they had a Republican Speaker was 95 years ago.  Like the West Virginia Assembly last January, where the Republicans took power for the first time since 1928, they’ll have a lot on their plate. After almost a century in the Minority, you’ve got a pretty big to do list, especially with an ambitious incoming reformist Governor.

They’ll be in session until April 15th, so they can get a lot done.   Will they have time for an Article V BBA Resolution?  They didn’t in West Virginia.  We died on the Assembly floor on the last day.  In order to avoid the same fate in Kentucky we need to have this all set up in advance, as a priority of the leadership.  I suspect that will only happen with some outside persuasion, coming from people like Sens. Paul and McConnell, for starters.  The Task Force needs to make this happen.

In 2016, as the party of government, the Democrats are screwed.  The Pew Research Center is out with a report on our attitude toward the government.  75% of us think the government is run by a few big interests.  57% think the government is almost always wasteful and inefficient, and 79% are either angry or frustrated with it. It goes on.

Somebody’s going to have to explain this to me.  Here you’ve got a candidate that 2/3 of the people don’t trust, running on a promise of more of a government that they fear and dislike.

How does that work?




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