Let’s get ready to rumble

Thanksgiving is here, so it’s time to take off the gloves and mix it up.

Kasich’s Superpac decided to throw some punches at Trump.  This could be interesting, I thought.  What will they come up with?

A Nazi allusion.  My God, how much are they paying these clowns?  It’s a sanctimonious sermon from a Vietnam war hero.  It’s a joke.  It won’t harm Trump a bit.  Unfortunately, it’s the kind of attack which probably appeals to Kasich the moralist.  He’s a tolerant and caring man, offended by anyone who he thinks is offensive to someone else.  It seems to me that Kasich’s admiration of himself is what led him to like this kind of attack (although, of course, since his Superpac did the ad, he’d never seen it.  Right).

A few weeks ago I figured Christie would be the guy to after the Donald.  It made a lot of sense.  For whatever reason he passed.  I think he’d do a better job than Kasich, who has consistently disappointed.

The other rumble is between the Cubans, over amnesty and data collection.  It’s all noise.  They’re wasting their time and money.  I guess they look at the calendar and figure we better start spending some of this money we’re sitting on.  Don’t just sit there, do something.

Since it’s become the conventional wisdom that it will be one of the Cubans they’ve both been going up in the polls, dramatically, in Cruz’s case.  Since Trump shows no sign of going away soon, and has even risen slightly since Paris, Cruz is the next target of the Donald.  Cruz doesn’t want this fight, not now.  He may not be able to avoid it.

All fascinating to watch.  Campaigns tell you a lot about a person.  They test your judgement, and your nerves.  And your balls.

If I’m Kasich or Christie, or anyone on the stage, for that matter, at the next debate (Vegas, 12-15), here’s my question for Trump.  “You’ve called me a stupid loser, you complained about Ms. Fiorina’s face, you told the Governor of Ohio he didn’t belong on the same stage with you  etc.  etc.”  You repeat some personal abuse that Trump has heaped on every person on that stage.  “We are all seeking the nomination of our party in one of the most critical elections in our history.  By the sort of adolescent insults you’ve thrown at every person on this stage, you have demeaned this entire process.  It’s as though you think you’re back on your TV reality show. If this is the way you conduct yourself as a Presidential candidate, why shouldn’t we expect the same sort of juvenile behavior if you’re elected?”

You’re looking Trump right in the eye as you ask this, and you’re dead serious.  This is a serious question, and you have a right to a serious answer.  I doubt he’d handle it well.

Who’s got a set?

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