Turn, turn, turn

We’ve gone through three political cycles in the last century, and are about to embark on a fourth.

The first began in 1920, as a reaction to Wilson’s progressivism.  The eight years of Harding/Coolidge were a time of peace and prosperity.  Then came the unworthy successor, Hoover, who cocked everything up and gave us 20 years of the New Deal.

The second cycle started in 1952 with Eisenhower.  Again, eight years of peace and prosperity.  The unworthy successor, Nixon, lost to Kennedy in 1960, and the next 20 years were politically unstable, featuring four consecutive failed Presidencies  — LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter.  This was an era of a vast expansion of federal power, under both Republicans and Democrats.

The third cycle began in 1980 with Reagan.  Once more, eight years of peace and prosperity, followed by an unworthy successor, Bush 1, followed by three consecutive failed Presidencies, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama.  Once again, a vast expansion of federal power under the Republican and the Democrats.

The fourth cycle begins next year, with the election of a Republican in a landslide.  We’ll have eight years to put things right.

While Harding/Coolidge, Eisenhower and Reagan all succeeded, none reversed the continuing concentration of power in the federal government.  Harding/Coolidge left the 16th and 17th Amendments in place, Eisenhower made peace with the New Deal, and Reagan was forced to accept the Great Society.  This coming cycle, riding a hundred year tide, promises more.  If the states are able to exercise their power under Article V, we can permanently transform the political landscape.  It is possible to return to the Constitution,  and our liberty.

I compare 1920 to today in a piece I submitted to American Thinker.  Editor Thomas Lifson likes it, and will post it when he thinks it will get the most exposure.  I’ll do the link.

There is a time for every season under heaven, and every purpose..

Our time is now.

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