I am a man of constant sorrow

I’ve seen trouble all of my days, and the latest is in Idaho, with Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis (B,  — for Birch — Idaho Falls).

I saw him on the floor in Boise back in April, and learned a few things.  He’s a big, affable guy, and apparently well liked by his colleagues.  And as we’ve been told, he’s the go to guy in the Idaho State Senate when it comes to constitutional questions  — such as Article V.  As a member of the leadership he can see that our Resolution is referred to State Affairs, where he has an outsize voice.  We haven’t found anyone in the Senate to take him on.  He believes strongly in his Birch fantasies, and will not be moved.  I imagine he can be a little intimidating.

Bill Fruth will be flying to Idaho to meet with as many State Senators as he can, looking for an opening, a way around, over or through Davis.  It won’t be easy.  We have to face the fact that we may not get Idaho next year, in which case we’re looking at 2017 to get to 34.

When I was young and ignorant, a couple years ago, I thought the Article V BBA campaign would get to 34 in 2016, and be a major boost to the Republican ticket.  That could still happen, but only if the BBA Task Force gets a massive amount of help, and gets it soon.  We can’t plan on it.  Until the nomination fight is over (April?  May?) all eyes are on it, and we can’t expect some well heeled donor to discover our cause and fund us.  So we need to start thinking about 2017.  Now.

That’s because the filing deadlines for target legislatures are coming up.  I don’t have the exact dates, but based on the deadlines from 2014 the last day to file for the legislature is:

Kentucky — January 28th

Idaho — March 3rd

Montana  — March 10th

Once these dates pass we need to contact candidates with a chance of winning and explain Article V to them.  Very few will have heard of it before.  It’s not that hard to explain.  And the sooner you contact them, the more receptive they’ll be.  Hell, I remember when I first filed for the legislature in 1982.  If someone from outside had called me up, right after I’d filed, and talked to me about a national issue that I would be addressing if I won, I would have been flattered.  The key is to do it right after they file, when they’re in the planning stage of a campaign.  If we had some money, we could make a modest contribution — $250 is a lot of money to these guys  — to get them to remember us.

These are not big shot politicians.  They’re just regular people with an interest in politics and a willingness to serve.  Unless they’ve been previously infected with the Birch virus, we should get every one of them.

Depending on what else is going on, this is a project I’m assigning myself.  I like these people.  I was one of them, a long time ago.  I might enjoy it.

I’ll be calling Rep.DeCesare in Kentucky next week.  If there’s not a coup that tosses Speaker Stumbo, we still want to pass our Resolution in the Senate, to put pressure on Stumbo, and create a campaign issue in the legislative races next year.  We’re going to try to do this in all the split states where we haven’t passed  — Maine, Minnesota and Washington.  Biddulph is working on Minnesota with Speaker Daudt.  Senate President Pam Roach of Washington has told me it’s not going to  be possible there, but I can double check with her.

So it looks like  I was too optimistic when I thought we’d get there next year.  But I think I’ve got a better feel for this Presidential race than I had for our prospects in various state legislatures.  And the coming Republican landslide is what will put us over the top, not vice versa.

Kentucky will be solidly red, I have no doubt of that.  One more target state.  After the blowout of 2010, Washington, Maine and Minnesota were solid Republican state legislatures.  2016 will be a Presidential year, and bigger than 2010, so we can get them back.  More target states.

And in target states like Arizona, Idaho and Montana the wave should give the Republican majorities a lot of new members.  And new members, we’ve found, are far less likely to have been brainwashed by the Birchers than the old fossils they’re replacing.  And our margin for error will increase.  The more Republicans, the more you can afford to lose, and still have a majority.

This can be done, and will be done.  I’ll see you on that golden shore.

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