Is that all there is?

Stanley Greenberg’s got a book out  — America Ascendant  — that will be closely read by the thinking left.  Stan’s been there for Clinton, Gore and Kerry, and he’s back chock full of advice for Hillary.

Don’t run for a third Obama term, he says.  Check.  Have bold policy proposals.   Check.  But wait.  The Democrats haven’t had such an idea in a generation.  So I go to Amazon to check out the opening of the book.  Stanley may be on to something.  This guy’s been around for as long as I have, except he’s operated at the very highest levels of Democratic politics.  He’s networked, wired and in the know.

It turns out his models of successful governance are California (which, he assures us, is the very best state for business)  and New York City.  I’m starting to breathe easier.  Stanley is delusional.  And then he sums it up  — “Democrats will have to make the case for governmental activism at the national level.”

That’s it.  More government.  Stan’s off his rocker, but he’s also right.  If the Democrats are unable to make the case for governmental activism they have no case to make.  They are the party of, by, and for the government.

This is not a winning message in 2016.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  But it’s the only one they’ve got.  They have one tool, one idea, one prescription: government.

O. K., I’m a libertarian, and I’m in the minority in the extent to which I despise government.  But my God we’ve just had a big heaping pile of government called Obamacare.  How’s that working out?  Do we really want another helping?

I keep reading about Obamacare is facing more and more serious difficulties.  Some very bad things could happen in 2016.  Pretty much what guys like Avik Roy and James Capretta have been saying for the last two and a half years, at least.  They’ve been on the money up til now, as far as I can tell.  Every time this story intrudes onto the campaign it hurts Hillary and every Democrat.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Black Lives Matter is going to college, and allying itself with a bunch of affirmative action crybabies.  What a spectacle.  There are a lot of good decent black Americans, and they have got to be appalled by all this.  They need to speak up.  In the mean time, BLM is more or less an official affiliate of the Democratic Party.  That will bring home those working class whites!  That’s the ticket!

Trump’s not getting the nomination, but I think he’s still doing the party a service.  He’s bringing attention to the whole process, and he’s pushing the party to the right on immigration.  These are good things.

The thing about the Donald is, someone is going to beat him, most probably Rubio or Cruz.  And whoever does is going to be a hero to everybody else in the party.  He saved us from Trump!  Either one of the Cubans will have a united party behind them.  So, in that sense, the longer the Donald sticks around, the better.

And then there’s Obama, Barack the Indifferent.  He just doesn’t care any more, and he doesn’t mind showing it.  And Hillary’s packing his baggage  all the way to next November.

This is all just too good.  Go away, black swan.

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