A Once in a Century Opportunity

Hundred year tides don’t appear in cycles of a century.  They’re just very rare, occurring when a powerful storm coincides with the regular high tides of the autumn equinox.  I submit we’re in such a moment, politically, today.

Because Hillary is seeking to succeed a relatively unpopular two term incumbent in a slack economy, the deck is stacked against her.  That’s the normal ebb and flow of politics, a typical tide.  But the political storm that threatens to break next year, in conjunction with this tide, is quite untypical.   It’s practically perfect.   Josh Kraushaar of National Journal has outlined the shape of the race, and listed most of the Republican advantages.

It starts with the candidates.  Hillary will be the worst politician nominated by a major party since the 19th century.  She is mistrusted and disliked.  She has no natural political skills, and her age and baggage weigh her down.  Add a sluggish economy, a nation convinced it is on the wrong path, national and homeland security anxieties, uncontrolled illegal immigration, an NRA on the warpath, and the Democrats, the party of government, arguing for more of it at a time when the government is held in almost universal ill repute, and you’ve got the storm.   It will turn a spring flood into a tide the likes of which we haven’t seen in a hundred years.

For the rest of the article, here’s the link to American Thinker.

I’m off camping for a couple days with my friend Danny.  He’s a matchmaker,  the guy who told me to strap on a set and ask Babbie out on a date.



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