Play that funky music, white boy

Demographers and other charlatans are constantly telling us that the Republican Party is headed to extinction because it’s the party of whites, and the Democrats are the party of the soon-to-be-majority everyone else.  Blacks, Latinos, Asians and other ethnic minorities will vote as blocs against the “white party.”  Disaffected single white women and young whites, along with a rag tag of special interest groups, get the Democrats to a majority.  There is nothing that can be done about any of this.  Because it’s demography, stupid.

But we’re not there yet, quite.  It will definitely happen in 2020, though, or 2024 for sure.

I find this kind of thinking odd.  We’re only a couple months from the Iowa caucuses, and no one really has any idea of how they’ll turn out.  But these  wizards can confidently predict our political future decades in advance.

When I was a kid in the 60’s everybody thought blacks were on their way to being a majority in this country.  You looked at the difference between black and white birth rates, did the math, and voila!, you can see a black America just ahead.  It’s demographics, don’t you know.

As I look around, 50 years later, blacks are the same percentage of the American population as they were then.  The pill, abortion, welfare reform, immigration and an evolution in attitude among upwardly mobile black women changed everything.  The demographers never saw it coming.  They never do, because they never think ahead.  It’s not scientific, so it’s not worth doing.

But politics is all about looking ahead, and if you’re any good at it you can see things coming.  As I wrote today in American Thinker, I look ahead to a tidal wave election next year, one that, in some ways, will be bigger than 1920.  If that does occur, you can throw your demography out the window, because we’re in a brand new ball game.  The Republicans, with the assistance of the Article V movement, will be able to make the fundamental reforms that are necessary to save us from ruin.

They will not only hold the House, they’ll pick up a few seats.  In the Senate they could expand on their majority to something close to cloture.  The new President, riding a wave of public support, proposes, and Congress passes, a series of bills that will have more impact than the first 100 days of the New Deal.

Entitlements are reformed, the budget is slowly brought into balance, regulations are slashed, entrepeneurship is encouraged at all levels of government, public lands are opened for development, the border is sealed, entire Departments of the federal government are eliminated, and an economic boom takes off that could surpass the Roaring 20’s.

And you’re telling me that demographics will, in the face of all or part of the above, put the Democrats back in power?  Because they’re for more immigration?

Oh, but I’m a bit ambitious, you say.  But this is what all, or virtually all, of the Republicans running for President are pledged to do.  They’ll have a mandate, and a Congress, to get it done.

Why the hell wouldn’t it happen?

Unchecked, demographics could doom the “white party” Republicans, but as even the most sanguine of Democrats will admit, we’re not quite there yet.  In fact, if the working class whites of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin turn out in 2016, the way they did not in 2012, the Republican can break the blue electoral wall and cruise to victory.

One reason they might is because of white racial consciousness.  This is a very taboo subject.  Brave men fear to utter the phrase.  Normally level headed guys like Ben Domenech at the Federalist get their knickers all twisted just thinking about it.

But it’s a reality in the South, and it’s moving north.  Kentucky is the latest indication.  Since Obama seems determined to drive the last white working man out of the Democratic Party, I predict it moves from southern Ohio north, into the Great Lakes and beyond.

It’s not a long term solution.  But for the Republicans, it’s enough to get them through 2016.

After that, it’s up to them.


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