Santa Cruz is coming to town

You better not pout, you better not cry, but Texas Ted Cruz is the odds on favorite to be our next President.

When Ted Cruz talks the conservative talk I hear a man who is saying what is in his heart.  He’s not telling us what we want to hear.  He believes it all just as much as we do.  And when he’s elected he’ll take the hard and unavoidable fights head on.  He won’t back down.

He’s smart as a whip.  He can do the job.  A lot will depend on who he surrounds himself with.  He’ll want a bunch of very smart, tough minded men and women.  They’re available.  Will he have the skill to be their leader?  He can’t do it all himself.

I guess my personal problem with Cruz has always been just that, personal.  I like to think of myself as an easy going, Marco Rubio kind of guy.  I have trouble liking uptight guys like Cruz.  It’s not that his intelligence is any kind of turnoff.  I guess it’s because he seems so cocksure of himself.  He comes across as a little arrogant.  Has he ever admitted to a fault, or misjudgement?

That’s a problem, politically.  But in 2016 it’s one we can overcome.  As a libertarian conservative, his politics fit nicely with mine.  What finally brought me around is his refusal to reenter the Mideast quagmire.  Carpet bomb the bastards back to the stone age  — not much of a distance, really.  But don’t send an American army to fight in Arab civil wars, for God’s sake!  Insanity, refined.

His reaction to Trump’s ban on Muslims was the only one that made sense, politically.  Maybe a third of this country agrees with Trump.  These are voters.  You don’t want to piss them off.  So you politely disagree with Trump and offer a reasonable, but very tough, plan of your own.  Was that so hard to do?

For just about every other candidate, it was.  There’s something about politicians that gets them up on their high horse, preaching self righteousness.  It satisfies their emotional needs, somehow.  It’s a status thing.  Look at me, and see how much better a person I am.

While Cruz has never been, personally, my cup of tea, Trump is a guy I just don’t like at all.  So I underestimate him, like everyone else.  This ban the Muslims idea was, tactically, brilliant.  Once again, Trump is all anyone is talking about.   A week from tonight they debate in Vegas.   People will once again tune in to see Trump.  We’ll be looking for fireworks.   Some of these guys were very harsh in their criticism.  Will they repeat it to his face?  How will he react?

Reality TV, baby.  It gets the ratings.

Just don’t confuse ratings with votes.

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