Saving Speaker Ryan

National Review is reporting that Sen. Sessions is all in on cutting Syrian refugee money from the coming omnibus, and willing to dare a shutdown over the issue.  There may be 70 House R’s ready to go with him.   Where’s Texas Ted?

Meanwhile Ryan is slow walking the negotiations with the D’s.  This leads Politico to think he feels a little delay right now works to his advantage.

One reason he’s right is the continuing saga of the San Bernadino jihadi’s visa.  We’re told Syrian refugees will be thoroughly vetted.  Nobody believes that, and the evidence coming in on San Bernadino confirms the skepticism.  Let this drip, drip continue.

I think a shutdown over refugees is much different than previous such efforts.  In ’95 it was over budget cuts  — abstract, ephemeral, nothing you can use as a call to arms.  In 2013 it was the implementation of Obamacare  — again a failure.  Congress and the President had passed the law, why don’t the Republicans give it a chance?  What are they afraid of?  Likewise, Planned Parenthood funding doesn’t cut it for a shutdown.  Most people don’t feel that strongly about it.

After San Bernadino, things have changed.  People are worried.  Something could happen to them and their families, and the government seems blase about it all.

This is the time, and refugees are the issue, to make this thing work.  You’ve already got a veto proof majority in the House.  The Democratic Senators up in 2016 don’t want blood on their hands.

If Obama is fool enough to shut down the government because he wants Syrian refugees, and he wants them now, he’ll lose.  I hope Limbaugh, Levin, et al jump on this today.  This is a fight we can win.

Take your time, Ryan.  Your Speakership is on the line.  If you cave, and let Pelosi get away with funding the Syrian refugees, you’re going to look like Boehner without the tan.  This is a big one.  Get it right.

Has watching Trump taught you nothing?

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