Never make a pretty woman your wife

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, get an ugly girl to marry you.  That’s what the song said, back when I was a kid.  Nobody paid it any attention of course.  But it reminds me of the Dance of the Two Cubans.  Do  we choose the sly dog, the hunk, the Lothario?  Or do we go with the guy who can’t dance, but actually knows what he’s doing?

It’s 1960 all over again, with Rubio playing the dashing, elegant John F. Kennedy, and Cruz stuck with the part of the dour, humorless Tricky Dick Nixon.

I’m going with Nixon, just like I did 55 years ago.  But I certainly see why others choose differently.  For me, the best case scenario is a Cruz/Rubio ticket.  We absolutely have to get Florida, and if you’re pursuing a turn-out-the-base strategy, as Cruz is, Florida is harder to get than the other must win, Ohio.  (Hispanics).  If Rubio loses, I want it done with dignity, and that’s what I expect.  Marco, to his credit, is leaving the Senate.  He needs a gig.  He claims to be Cruz’s friend, and for all we know it could be true.  If Cruz has won fair and square I bet Marco accepts.  He can deliver Florida.  And John Kasich, despite his faults, is a loyal party man.  He’ll do all he can in Ohio, and he’s got a very good organization there.  If Ohio and Florida come around, the next big prize is Virginia, a state that is evolving politically.  It is possible to win without Virginia, but it’s a narrow path.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Rubio or Cruz is probably going to win this thing by the middle of April.  (Discussions of brokered conventions are a way to kill time).  They immediately pivot to the general.  This what we at the BBA Task Force hope to offer them.  We will have, Lord willing, picked up West Virginia, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Idaho, for a total of 32 states.  We only need two more, South Carolina and Arizona.  The Republican nominee will have enough juice to get both of them for us.  These are both solid red states, with strong Republican legislative majorities.  If the next President makes clear he wants it done, it could get done.  We’re at 34, Congress sets the time and place of the Amendment Convention , and off we go.

This is an optimistic take, but within the realm of reason.  The main point is that if we get to 32 we have to be taken seriously.  And, for a Republican Presidential nominee, we are pure gold.  We’re about balancing the  budget, which is supported by supermajorities in both parties.  And we’re about taking power away from the federal government and returning it to the states, and the people.  If that message doesn’t ring true today, then I’m a complete moron and you should stop wasting your time reading this blog.

Speaking of which, my AT article of today, on Cruz’s electability, was posted over at by a guy named, I believe, B. J. O’Sullivan, aka Kerryman.  Lucianne has about the same number of viewers as AT, so when I get posted there my readership probably doubles.  So, thanks much, B. J.  I owe you a beer.

So, so few people have really made up their minds for sure.  Harry Enten at says Trump will get somewhere between 8% and 64% of the vote.  The point he’s trying to make is that the race hasn’t really started.  Trump has the pole, but Cruz is within striking distance, and Rubio’s right there too.  Anything can happen.  You think you know, but you don’t.

The Lord gave us free will. What happens is up to us.

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