There’s a bright and a sunny side of life

Everybody gets their kicks in their own way.  The most fun I had in 2012 was watching the first Obama-Romney debate.  It was like a UFC fight  — brutal, as Romney put Obama on the ground and kept pounding him.

Recalling that sunny moment leads me to what I’m quite sure will be one of the highlights of 2016, as Hillary squares off with one of the Cubans.  It really doesn’t matter which one.  Rubio’s got that youthful rock star charisma.  Hillary will struggle to avoid looking like a washed out old woman pushing 70.  Cruz will fence with her, fending off her attacks effortlessly, and methodically cutting her to shreds.

Never in her life has Hillary had to undergo the one on one, no holds barred, in your face kind of treatment she”ll get from the Cuban.  Hell, I don’t think she’s ever conducted an actual trial, much less a jury trial.  She’s only debated Democrats, and it’s kid’s glove stuff.  These Democratic debates are a joke.  Sanders and O’Malley are such cowards they won’t even throw a punch.  I don’t think Obama ever really went at her in ’08.

I think she’s got a glass jaw, just like Obama did against Romney.  Until that moment, for his entire life,  I don’t think Obama had been subjected to that sort of assault. He had no idea how to handle it.  And neither will Hillary.

One thing I wonder about is the millennials.   Who’s President when you’re growing up has a big impact on your politics.   I think the kids who came of age under Reagan trended Republican a bit  If you came of age under Bush 2 you trended Democrat.  There are signs that people who came of age under Obama aren’t trending in either direction.  Hillary needs to duplicate Obama’s youth vote.  The tide’s not with her.

Another bright thought for the day is the contrast between First Spouses.  On the one hand, the beautiful, accomplished young mothers, with their beautiful families.  And then there’s Bill.

Who really wants to see that smug punk in the White House again?

Oh, there’s the blacks. They love Bill.  Do they really?  After South Carolina in ’08?  Even if they do, it’s nothing like the way they feel about Obama.  And that is not transferable.

Heidi Cruz is an interesting woman.  The daughter of Seventh Day Adventist missionaries.  She used to go to Africa with them as a kid.  This is Ben Carson’s faith.  She got some fancy business degree in Belgium, then a Harvard M.B.A.  She’s a conservative, taking time off from a budding business career to work on the Bush 2 campaign.

That tells me all I need to know about this woman.  She’s one of us.  And it has nothing to do with her husband.  To do what she did in 2000 is the act of a true believer.  As was her cheerful agreement to spend their entire life savings on Ted’s improbable Senate run.

This is a true power couple.  A woman as smart, and politically involved, as Heidi Cruz could do any number of things as first lady.  Right now she’s spending ten hours a day calling donors, trying to get them to max out.  This is one of the worst things to do in politics.  Everybody hates it.  And she just wades in.  What a gal.

Ted’s a very lucky guy.


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