Me and my drum

In law, the plaintiff bears the burden of proof.  He is the one seeking relief from the court, and is therefor required to make his case.

A refugee seeking asylum in this country is, in that sense, a plaintiff.  He is seeking admission.  The country he wishes to enter has no obligation to him.  If he fails his burden, and is unable to demonstrate his fitness, his case has failed and the relief he seeks must be denied.

This is the way a rational refugee policy would operate.  All this business of “vetting” is ass backwards.  We are not under any burden to establish an asylum seeker’s fitness, or lack thereof, for entry.  This burden is theirs, not ours.

I wish the Donald would pick up on that.

Tomorrow morning I’m picking up my sons and Reagan Project co-founders Darren and Brendan, and Darren’s serious girl friend, at LAX.  Blogging will be intermittent for a while.

Darren’s something of an internet expert, and spent a weekend a couple years ago setting up this website and blog.  I’ve done Darren a good turn or two, and with that he repaid me in full.

It has been my custom for the last fourteen years to wander around in the woods at Miller time, having a few cold ones, and thinking deep thoughts.  When I started thinking hard about politics again, after the 2012 election, I realized I was not alone.  There’s nothing unique about me.  All across this country there are patriotic men and women who understand politics just as I do.   People who actually think about politics, and know something about it.  People who were extremely concerned, like never before in the past, about the very viability of this country.

It was frustrating.  I wanted to communicate with these people.  I had a lot of ideas, and I wanted to share them.  Danke schoen, Darren.

And danke schoen to everyone who reads this blog.  You are a select group, however large.

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