We don’t got to show you no stinking badches.

Ted Cruz is taking pains to emphasize that his opposition to a path to citizenship for illegals is unqualified.  Aside from the fact that this is logical and fair, would this hurt his chances against Hillary?

She’ll get out her little violin and tell us about these marvelous, law abiding, citizens in waiting, cowering in the shadows, living in constant fear of the racism of the country they desperately want to become a part of.  Tears will be shed.

Hillary will claim she supports controlling our borders, and returning to a semblance of the rule of law in our immigration policy.  She won’t mean it, but she has to say it.  She might even go so far as to oppose granting citizenship to new illegals.  In the future.  Sometime.  But for now we must allow people who have been here illegally for years to become citizens.  To do otherwise is racist.  The Republican will be called an extremist.

Letting people who jumped the line to profit from their lawlessness is a political loser, and not just because it’s not fair.  It encourages people all over the world to break our law and enter our country illegally.  Ever since Simpson-Mazzoli in 1986 the word has gone out:  just get in to the US, keep your head down, and eventually they’ll let you stay.  Granting a pathway, any pathway, to citizenship reinforces and perpetuates that calculation.

Rubio is soft on this issue, Cruz senses it, and he’s capitalizing.

But wait!  Polls show 72% of voters, and 56% of Republicans, favor a pathway.  So, politically, you support a pathway, right?  Wrong.  Here’s where you smell the zeitgeist, and trust your nose.  If you frame it properly, you can ignore these polls.  And framing it properly is a piece of cake.

I’m starting to get the feeling that Marco hasn’t really thought everything through the way Cruz has.  Either that or he’s committed to a straddle strategy, one which requires him to make the occasional gesture of moderation to the Establishment.  Cruz will make him pay for every gesture he makes.  I’ve been saying for some time it would be one of the Cubans.

It’s no surprise it’s starting to look like the smart one.

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