Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea.

Writing in Atlantic, Peter Beinart makes his case for the top prize in utter cluelessness, always a stiff competition, ever more so this year.  He looks at Ferguson, Baltimore and  Black Lives Matter and sees a resurgence of liberalism.  “The debate about race and justice isn’t  moving to the right. It’s moving further left.”

The BLM hooligans are out trying to disrupt last minute Christmas shopping at Minnesota’s Mall of America.  This is, presumably, part of their public relations campaign.  Minnesota is dark purple, and not a top tier target in 2016.  If it goes red next year, Beinart will shrug it off.  He’s a deep thinker, and sees far into the future.

The fact that there are, presumably, a lot of leftist airheads who read this sort of thing and buy into it is a source of deep satisfaction.

Joy to you and me.

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