The sister Souljah signal

When Billy Jeff Clinton repudiated sister Souljah for saying “. . . black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?”, he was sending an important signal.  In the same vein he flew back to Little Rock in the midst of his campaign to preside over the execution of a mentally retarded black murderer.  He was saying to whites that, while I’m a liberal, I’m not a self hating white.  He was attacked by Jesse Jackson and others, but stood his ground.

In contrast Bush 1 signed the Civil Rights Act of 1991.  The courts had been refusing to buy into some of the more outlandish claims of racial discrimination in employment, and this bill was designed to open the door for these lawsuits.  It was a truly terrible piece of legislation.   Now lawyers could use statistics to show disparate treatment of minorities.  There was no need to show discrimination.  Bush had resisted signing, but was more or less bullied into it by Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska.

B.J. Clinton got 39% of the white vote  in the 1992 election, Bush got 41%.  Four years earlier, Bush got 60% against Dukakis.

What brought this to mind was a truly pathetic column in the NYT by a philosophy professor named George Yancey, called Dear White America.  He wants us all to feel guilty for being white.

I’m a white guy, always have been, and I don’t have a guilty bone in my body, never have, never will.  And when someone tries to guilt trip me it pisses me off.  I know a lot of people who are into guilt.  They’re all miserable bastards.

This NYT column is a problem for Hillary.  She can’t have her sister Souljah moment.  Martin O’Malley tried, when he told some Black Lives Matter protesters that all lives matter.  He quickly backtracked.  Only black lives matter, and to say anything different is racist.  This is Hillary’s party, so she has to toe the line.

Working class whites in the Midwest can win this election for the Republicans if they turn out.  I know these guys.  They don’t like being told to be guilty because they’re white.  And they don’t like to hear that only  black lives matter.  It pisses them off.

Informing and motivating these voters is not the work of the Rubio or Cruz campaign.  An independent outside group needs to do this job, similar to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.  There’s a big money anti-Hillary PAC, but from the looks of their first efforts they have no brains and no balls.  It’s establishment money, and won’t accomplish anything.

A new PAC needs to form.   The votes are there.

Does anybody want to go get them?


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