Ted Cruz: Rebel and Designated Driver

My review of Cruz’s A Time for Truth is up at American Thinker.

Someone with with the tag Magnante posted it at Lucianne.com,  which will roughly double the readership.  Thanks, Magnante.

I’m working on a piece describing how Cruz can win New Hampshire, and with it the nomination.  I’ll submit it to AT on Sunday, in the hope that they post it on Monday, the unofficial start of the actual campaign.  I think he’s got a real shot of wrapping things up by March 1st.

Cruz figured this whole thing out months ago.  Everything is going according to plan.  He’s outworking, and out-thinking, the rest of the field.

I gather from some of the comments at AT that a lot of people think Cruz is perfectly likable, and question my criticism of his personality.  Different strokes for different folks.  I’m turned off by what I see as his Texas preacher style, and a certain smarminess.

The side of him that appeals to me is the side he doesn’t let show — a man with a killer instinct and a zest for intellectual combat.

Cruz wasn’t my first choice, or my second, or my third.  But I’m very comfortable getting behind him now.

I’m prejudiced in favor of smart people.


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