This could be the start of something big

Peak American leftism occurred in October of 2013, with the rollout of Obamacare.  If it had succeeded, and tens of millions of Americans suddenly became entitled to a costly new benefit, it could have been game over.

That’s the way I felt about it.  The only way to pay for it would have been European levels of taxation.  American exceptionalism, and the Constitution itself, would have been fond memories.  I take politics personally, and was very depressed.

When Obamacare was revealed as a fiasco the political tide in this country turned.  The elections of 2014 and 2015 are precursors of a once in a century political tide, rivaling the smashing victory of 1920.

There are a variety of forces at work in the swelling of this tide.  One of the most important is the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

She is a woman of only middling intellect.  I mean, come on, who fails the D. C. bar exam?  Her record as Secretary of State is truly abysmal, the smoldering ruins of Benghazi, and the chaos of Libya, are monuments to her ineptitude.  She has been established as a stone faced liar, to the families of American heroes, no less.  Her one attempt at domestic policy  – Hillarycare  — was a complete and utter failure.  She was a terrible candidate in 2008, and she ‘s much worse now.  In her personal life, she has been an enabler of a sexual predator.  People don’t like her, and they don’t trust her.

And she’s going to be elected President?  What, are you nuts?

So what have we got going on our side?  It’s easy to see who’s for real, and who’s a phony.  What’s their position on ethanol?  Anything other than opposition to this mind boggling boondoggle means you’re not serious.  You’re whoring after Big Corn’s Iowa votes.  Back in ’08 McCain wouldn’t do it, so he just skipped Iowa.   Of the current field of twelve, only two have been honest enough to oppose ethanol: Cruz and Paul.  Everybody else, most especially Donald Trump, is doing some form of the Iowa Pander.

The stakes are high.  If Cruz wins Iowa it means you can be honest about ethanol and still get through Iowa.  And if Cruz is elected President, the end of ethanol will come very soon.  So Big Corn is unleashing an ad blitz against Cruz, joined by some others.  Who knows, it could work.

But if it doesn’t work, and Cruz does get elected, it means we’ve got a candidate who had the brains and the guts to call out the ethanol lobby in Iowa.  To me, that’s a tell.  This guy means business.

When I first detected the turn of the tide some two years ago, I knew we would need a leader.  I had no idea who it would be.  I didn’t think the identity of the leader was necessarily that important.  It turns out it looks like it’s Cruz.  That’s fine by me.  There’s a chance he could be a great President.  If he gets done what he wants to get done, he would be.

All of this, of course, bodes well for the Reagan Project, which is dedicated to the promotion of Article V of the Constitution.  This tide is big enough for us, too.

I must end the calendar year with a prediction:  2016 is going to be one hell of a year.


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