The Politics of Evolution

Evolution’s not fair.  So the left hates it.

Matt Ridley’s The Evolution of Everything claims that things just happen.  Nobody plans them.  Progress is made through trial and error, not central planning.

It’s a libertarian mindset that I find appealing.  The internet  is the best example  — hugely important, incredibly complex, and an exercise in spontaneity.  And, naturally, unfair, as is all of life, and all of evolution.  The unfit, through no fault of their own, do not survive.

Leftism is about making things fair, come hell or high water.   Great power is required in the service of fairness.  Nature is not fair, and fairness is not natural.  So the power of the state is needed to bend man and society into what’s fair.

It’s everywhere.  The campaign against microaggression is the most extreme example.  Everything the University and academia have always stood for must be sacrificed in order to eradicate the unfairness of white privilege.

This sort of thing gets a reaction.  It did in 1968.  It very well may this year as well.  This wind can help build the tide.

The big story of the 20th century is the failure of planning, and the success of evolution.  So says Ridley.  I think he’s right.  And success in the 21st century will come from evolution  — freedom  — and not from planning.  The young people of today may not understand that yet.  But I think they will.  If the next Republican President and Congress institute the kinds of reforms that are needed to unleash the pent up economic engine of America, the ensuing prosperity will be the proof positive.  These people will need to deliver.  If they don’t, we may not get another chance.

It’s always important to listen to what the opposition tells you is in your best interest.  Then you know what not to do.  Take Billy Jeff.  The Democrats say Trump is making a big mistake in dredging up all his predatory behavior.  It will make people sympathize with Hillary.

If you’re the kind of Republican who listens to this swill, you’re a loser.  Hillary’s conduct in all this was despicable.  It reveals her as a truly loathsome person.  This story needs to be told.

Thinking back to the 60’s, it’s amazing how the left hasn’t changed.  I didn’t really know guys like Jerry Rubin and Mario Savio, but I met them, and figured them out.  These kids today aren’t any different.

It’s funny, the first political activity I was involved in was the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley in 1963.  It was a right/left alliance.

For free speech.

Maybe things have changed.

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