Nevada, and it’s ball game

There should be a piece up in tomorrow’s American Thinker that makes the case that if Cruz wins Iowa he should also win New Hampshire.  If he does, that would probably be good for a win in South Carolina as well, with momentum and all.  If Cruz were to win Nevada, three days after South Carolina, he’d be four for four going into March 1st, Super Tuesday.  He could easily take six of the eight states that are up that day, at which point he’d have something like a lock on the nomination.

The path I’m suggesting Cruz take in New Hampshire is not available to anyone else.  Only he can take it, if he so chooses.  So writing a column about it doesn’t give some other campaign an idea. But I have an idea for Nevada that any candidate could use.  I happen to think it would win Nevada for either Rubio or Cruz if they picked up on it.  It’s really quite good.  If anyone in the Cruz campaign is interested, give me a call.

Looking ahead, I’m trying to think of the attacks the D’s will make on Cruz.  Frank Bruni in the NYT says he’s cruel.  Man, are they going to be coming after him.  He’s lucky in his family.  His stalwart wife and two little girls are his best line of defense.  It’s a strain on everyone involved, but Heidi Cruz and her daughters should be with him as much as possible.

It’s going to be tricky going after his religion.  It’s going to be very difficult for the Stephen Colberts of this world to refrain from mocking his devout Christianity.  A couple days ago he told his volunteers that in order to awaken and energize the body of Christ and win the election, they must strap on the full armor of God.

Evangelical Christians are genuinely inspired by this sort of language.  It makes a lot of secular types uncomfortable.  They think it’s bringing religion into politics, but, of course, it’s not.  It’s just inspiring your volunteers.  Nonetheless, the left is certain to mock and sneer at this sort of thing.  In strictly political terms, that’s really stupid.  But they can’t help themselves.  Advantage: us.

Ted Cruz is a militant Christian.

So was John F. Kennedy.

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