The secret to Nevada

Since my article in AT went up explaining how Cruz wins New Hampshire, I’ve been waiting for the Cruz campaign to call and ask about Nevada.  They’ve dropped the ball, so here’s how you win Nevada  — not just the caucuses, but the electoral votes.

Cruz, along with co-sponsors like Lee of Utah, Heller of Nevada, and Enzi of Wyoming, introduces a bill to abolish the Bureau of Land Management.  The 248 million acres managed in twelve western states by the BLM would be transferred to the states in which they are located.  The states would own clear title to this land, but the federal government would retain a beneficial interest in 50% of the proceeds which may be derived from development of resources on the land.

On the merits, this is a great bill.  As shown in “Divided Lands, State vs. Federal Management in the West” by Fretwell and Regan of the Property and Environment Research Center, the federal government is an awful administrator of public lands.  The states outperform them, by huge margins, in every possible way, including protecting the environment.

Many of these lands have resource potential that the states would be eager to tap.  The estimates of the potential wealth tied up in these lands is staggering.

67% of Nevada is owned and administered by the BLM.  Some people think I overestimate the hatred for ethanol.  You ought to see how the people of Nevada feel about the BLM.  You have no idea.  It’s not just Clive Bundy.  He’s the tip of the iceberg.

If Cruz introduces this bill, and campaigns on it, and promises to fight for it if he’s elected, he’ll  not only win the Nevada caucuses, he’ll win their electoral votes, and he’ll win New Mexico’s and Colorado’s as well.  From the coast in, the West would be solid red.

The next five weeks will be the most interesting of my life.  If I’m right, and Cruz wins in New Hampshire based on his opposition to ethanol, I’ll be the happiest guy around.  Because that means he’s going to seal the deal in early March, which gives us time to convince him to help us get to our 34 states.  All he’d have to do is make a few phone calls.  It would very much be in his interest if we succeeded.

Big Corn is stalking Cruz in Iowa.  At some point this is going to be a big story.  And it’s one which makes Cruz look good.

He’s in a delicate situation, to say the least.  So far, he’s playing it cool.  Intellectually, his position on ethanol is unassailable.  But he doesn’t want to rub it in.  Not until Iowa votes.

I saw a clip of Billy Jeff on Special Report.  He’s talking about restoring this, and rebuilding that, and bringing things back — and I’m thinking, isn’t that language a little backwards looking?  Of course, but that’s all B.J.’s got.  That’s all any of them have got.  They have nothing new to offer.   They’ve got nothing.

Which means they’ve got nothing to lose.   They’ll unleash hell on the Republican.  But it won’t work.  There’s nothing there.  These guys are clean.  The American people won’t fall for it this time.  It will be too obvious, too transparent, too contrived.

And unless Hillary somehow disqualifies the Republican, she can’t win.

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