The first kiss of politics

It’s spelled Keep It Simple, Stupid.  People have a limited amount of time and attention, and if you get all complicated you lose them.  I make a political proposal in what will hopefully be a blog entry at American Thinker tomorrow.  The reason it makes sense, politically, is its simplicity.

From Montana down to New Mexico, and points west, the federal ownership of land is a festering issue.  What we’re seeing in Oregon with the Hammonds  and the takeover at Burns, Oregon is an extreme example, but throughout the west there is an undercurrent of resentment at the absentee landlord in Washington.

There have been a variety of political solutions offered.  One of them, very watered down and insubstantial, even passed the Senate last year, sponsored, I believe, by Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.  Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council has been trying for years to build some steam behind some reform legislation, largely to no avail.

The problem is, it’s complicated.  You’re talking about land in a dozen states, with a number of different federal agencies holding land under a variety of circumstances, for different purposes.  Hundreds of millions of acres are on the table, of all types and descriptions and values.  It’s really complicated.

So I say let’s take one slice off the hog at a time, and let’s make the first slice a big one — the Bureau of Land Management.  Nobody knows why it exists, or what purpose it serves.  Why, precisely, is 67% of Nevada owned and administered by the BLM?

Listen very carefully.  You’ll hear the sound of silence.   There is no reason on God’s green earth why the BLM should own and administer that land, rather than of the State of Nevada.  It’s basically a waste land, if you’ve ever driven across it.  Why the hell should the feds own it?  I’m waiting.  I’m not hearing anything.

The thing is, if one of the Presidential candidates picked up on this idea they could win Nevada.  And Wyoming.  And Idaho, and Utah, and Montana, and New Mexico.  Not a lot of delegates, but they do add up.

Abolish the BLM!  It fits on a bumper sticker.  Everybody gets it.  And everybody would love to see some damn federal agency abolished.

I suppose some people back east might not think it was fair, giving the western states their land.  What do they get out of it?  Money, that’s what. Reduced federal spending, and higher federal revenues from resource development on land that has hitherto been locked up.  Half of something is better than all of nothing.

At last I’m starting to see the widespread use of the term “sexual predator”  with reference to Billy Jeff, and “enabler” for his wife.

What a lovely couple.  Want to bet how many times, from here on,  we hear Hillary talk about the war on women?  I don’t think she wants to go there.

But we shouldn’t let her off the hook.  Now’s the time to move in and do some serious damage.  Trump only plays defense, and she won’t give him a reason to come after her.  So we can’t rely on Trump to carry this torch alone.  Come on, he’s a trail blazer, we can’t expect him to do it all.  Every conservative media outlet, blog, columnist and talk show host should start piling on.  There’s a ton of material to work with.  Roger Stone, bless his heart, has a book out on it, I believe.

If we don’t exploit this opening, now, we may not get it again.  Next time it will be old news.

I’ve never met the man, but it’s personal with me and B.J.  I really don’t like him.

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