When Jupiter aligns with Mars

Since, a few days ago, I encouraged everyone to pile on to the Predatorgate story, I figured I should kick in myself, so I put in a piece to AT.

The Iowa Republican is the closest thing we have to a fingerspitzengefuhler in the Hawkeye State.  He’s no fan of Cruz, but concedes things are breaking, hard, his way.  J. Ann Selzer should be out with another gold standard Iowa poll next week.  If it shows Cruz expanding his lead, it may cause some of the field to concede the state to him, and concentrate on New Hampshire.  Trump, conceivably, could catch him him, I suppose, but there’s no way the Donald is going to take evangelicals away from him, and they’re practically all he needs.  Rubio’s too far back, and no one else is really in it.

Certainly not Rand Paul.  He really should drop out and support Cruz.  I’ll bet some of his Iowa supporters are getting a little antsy.  It’s great to be loyal to the Paul brand, so beloved by libertarians.  It’s another to throw away your vote, when it could help Cruz beat back the anathema of libertarianism — crony capitalism.  As a libertarian myself, I know we are actually a rather small slice of the Republican Party.  When we have a chance to make a difference, we should take it.

So what’s Big Corn to do?  Hit him even harder, raise millions more to run a media campaign against him, pull out all the stops.  He is an existential threat, and must be treated as such.  More and more, Iowa will be a battle between Ted Cruz, outsider, and the fat cat, government funded, crony capitalist ethanol industry.  Grist for the schwerpunkt.

So what’s the biggest problem facing the country?  The economy?  Unemployment?  Immigration?  Nope three times.  According to Gallup, it’s the government.

Let me see if I’ve got things straight.  Democrats are the party of, by, and for government.  To win they must restore trust in government.  Yet their nominee is personally mistrusted.  How, exactly, does this work?  Maybe Stan Greenberg can explain it.  Come on, I need help here.  Somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Just another star in alignment.

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