A New Queen Takes Flight?

My post in AT today was kind of a rush job.  I hadn’t planned on submitting it, so I didn’t really go over it carefully.  As a consequence, one part is misleading, and may be completely wrong.

In my lifetime the New York Times has been the Queen Bee of the liberal Hive.  The Washington Post and the networks have droned along in her wake.  I don’t read the NYT any more because of their pay wall, so I don’t follow them closely.  I made an ASSumption that they were at least partly responsible for allowing the renewal of interest in America’s Most Famous Sexual Predator.

That looks to be wrong.  The NYT would never have allowed this to happen, if they had the power to prevent it.  But the Washington Post, under new owner (and son of Cuban refugee) Jeff Bezos, has broken with the Times on this story.  It is the WaPo which has broken this topic open.   I broke down and paid for full access to the WaPo, mainly because of the articles at Lucianne and RCP that were behind their pay wall.  Also because they have shown some signs of independence from leftist orthodoxy.  I have been rewarded.

Bezos is a very interesting man.  I’m a conservative libertarian.  To me, he looks like a liberal libertarian.  That’s progress.  When he bought the Post he bought a brand, and he doesn’t want to tarnish it by insisting it conform to all of his views.  But a wink and a nod, here and there, lets everyone know what the boss is thinking.

I have no idea what it’s like to work in a newsroom.  But given the parlous state of American journalism, I imagine that reporters and editors are sensitive to what the man who signs their paychecks thinks.  This bears watching.  The Post is one of the pillars of the mainstream media.  If they’re declaring their independence, we could have a whole new Hive on our hands.

Cruz had a piece a few days ago in the Des Moines Register defending his stance on ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard.  He’s feeling the heat from Big Corn.  The latest poll in Iowa, from Fox News, shows him slipping a bit, probably because of ethanol.

This is where it gets interesting.  Trump has criticized Cruz on RFS.  Will Rubio?  If he does, it could come back to haunt him in New Hampshire.

Kentucky is getting very interesting.  It appears a legislative coup is in the offing.  As a veteran of the Alaska Legislature, I’m quite familiar with coups.  All the ingredients necessary for a successful one are in place.  Speaker Greg Stumbo, the last Democrat in the South to preside over a legislative chamber, is going down.

House Minority Whip (and soon to be House Majority Leader?) Jim DiCesare tells the Task Force that our fate in Kentucky is up to Gov. Bevin.  We are now working closely with the Tea Party Express, which has a relationship with Bevin’s campaign manager when he ran for the Senate.  Our request will be heard by the Governor.  If he decides to adopt us as one of his legislative priorities, we’ll get Kentucky.  It could be #34.

The Revenant, loosely based on the story of Hugh Glass, is a good movie, and Dicaprio will get his Oscar for it.  But the real movie, of this time and place, which needs to be made is the story of John Colter.  I have a friend in Montana, Steve Gough, who’s been working on it for years.  Colter was the original mountain man, one of the most complete bad asses of American history, and an inspiration to American special forces.  If you run across a Navy Seal, ask him about John Colter.

Chances are he’ll know all about him.



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