Bustin’ moves with Lucianne

Mt piece on Hillary, Billy Jeff and the Hive is a “must read” at Lucianne.com today, linking to American Thinker.  Nice.

My experience and interest is primarily American history and politics.  I know as much as the average bear about world affairs, but claim no special insight.  So, for me, it’s good to see two guys who know a lot more in this area than I do  — Angelo Codevilla and David P. Goldman  —  coming out four square for Cruz.  Here’s Goldman in PJ Media.

Jonah Goldberg has demanded that we all stop dissing the neocons.  Now, I like Jonah.  He had the good sense and good fortune to marry a girl from a good Republican family in Fairbanks, Alaska*. Good on him.  But the neocons bear a large share of the blame for convincing dimwitted Bush 2 to invade Iraq.  They haven’t learned their lesson, and still like to beat the war drum.  A pox on them.

We should send American armies into wars only when there is a clear and present danger to our national security.  Not to promote democracy.  Until these guys acknowledge that their whole Iraq scheme was an enormous mistake, they deserve no quarter.

*Here’s a factoid for you.  Fairbanks and its environs are a winter tour destination for newly married Japanese couples.  For good luck, they like to make love under the northern lights, and Fairbanks is the place to go.


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