Do you feel what I feel?

Dick Morris told the Task Force a year and a half ago that Article V and the BBA would get traction when the Republican candidates for President began talking about.  So, a year ago, when John Kasich came aboard we figured we were on our way.  Kasich did all he could for us, and helped us in some states, and got some attention.   Then he went on the Presidential campaign trail, and as far as I know hasn’t really talked about it since.  I really don’t know why.  Maybe it’s hard to explain to people.  Although, I  must say, I was able to get my ten tear old granddaughter to understand it.

Now Marco Rubio and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have climbed aboard the Article V bandwagon.  They’re supporting an approach a bit different from ours  — the Convention of States  — but that’s not that important right now.  What’s important is when a leading Presidential candidate writes an op-ed about Article V in USA Today.  People start paying attention.

We hope the subject comes up at Thursday’s debate, but even if it doesn’t I have a feeling the other candidates will be stating a position.  I’ve submitted a piece to American Thinker designed to persuade them.

Another topic for the debate is ethanol.  I caught the Donald on Meet the Press, and there he was taking on Cruz on ethanol.  I strongly believe this is a big mistake for Trump.  This could cost him.  Anyone, left or right, with a lick of sense knows ethanol is a boondoggle.  The WaPo is out with an editorial praising Cruz for his stance, for Pete’s sake.

The New Hampshire battle space is shaping up quite nicely.  RCP has Trump with 31, Rubio 13, and Cruz-Bush-Kasich-Christie all at about 10%.  All four of the establishment candidates take heart from this.  Rubio only has a three point lead over the others.  They all think they can emerge as the consensus guy in that lane.  They’ll keep fighting each other, sometimes not very nicely, for the next three weeks.

Cruz wins Iowa, popping the Trump balloon, and rides into New Hampshire on a wave.  He will have beaten one of the paragons of American Crony Capitalism in its own back yard  — ethanol in Iowa.  The votes (about 10%) of Paul, Carson, Santorum and Huckabee all gravitate to him.  This is the schwerpunkt.

Do you see what I see?

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