We’re not going to take it

Wednesday morning we get to see J. Ann Selzer’s Iowa poll.  This woman knows Iowa.  In Alaska we had a guy named David Dittman.  He knew Alaska.  You could take his numbers to the bank, which I actually did on more than one occasion.  Selzer’s like that in Iowa.

Until then, polls like the new one from Quinnipiac will have to do.  Trump edges Cruz, but it’s basically a dead heat.  Cruz may be slipping just a little.  Maybe Big Corn is having an effect.

There may be half a dozen Super-Pacs supporting Cruz.  As far as I can tell, none of them have done anything, even though some have a lot of money.  It’s time for them to suit up and get in the game.

Cruz and Trump have been civil with one another, but this birther B.S. means the end of that.  As I said when Trump first brought it up:  for Cruz, this is a good thing.  This is the best Trump’s got.  Deal with it, put it behind you, and it’s old news.  At least the Donald retains his sense of humor.  He’s playing “Born in the USA” at his rallies.  What a guy.

Cruz, himself, must remain positive and above the fray.  But he does not control these Pacs, and they don’t have to play nice.  The polls show that Trump draws strongly from every section of the party.  In Iowa he gets 27% of the Evangelicals.

All these people are pro-life, in most cases very strongly pro-life.  As such, they are familiar with partial birth abortion, and are shocked and horrified by it.  Anyone who could support making such a thing legal is disqualified.  In the late 90’s on Meet the Press Trump was asked by Tim Russert about partial birth abortion, and he said he was fine with it.  That tape is available, and should be shown to the evangelicals of Iowa.

Trump has since reversed himself, of course, but it’s still a legitimate attack.  He could reverse himself again.  Who knows what he really thinks?  As far as a lot of these people are concerned, having ever supported partial birth abortion is a game changer.

The tremendous press coverage given to the Iowa caucuses is a very good thing for Ted Cruz.  Every reporter is looking for an angle, and Big Corn vs. Ted Cruz is a good one.  Quinnipiac says Cruz has the lowest percentage of any R of people who would not consider voting for him, only 7%.  So far, it would seem, Big Corn hasn’t inflicted any serious damage.

When Cruz moves on to New Hampshire he’ll need to expound on the significance of beating Big Corn.  It’s just one of many special interests in this country, and really not that big of a one, at that.  There are other, more formidable interest groups which have captured Congress, and need to be confronted.  We’re talking chasing money changers from the Temple  — there are a lot of them.  And if you don’t have the courage to take them on Iowa, where will you?

In the National Journal a New Hampshire politico observes, “On the presidential level, the three issues that always come up at town meetings are Keystone XL, the crude oil export ban, and the Renewable Fuel Standard”  — meaning methanol.

A whole lot of people in New Hampshire know a lot about ethanol, and they don’t like it.  At least, that’s what my inner fingerspitzengefuhler thinks.

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