Do you believe in magic?

Since my galvanization in October of 2013, I’ve been observing the American political environment more closely than ever before in my life.  Liberalism was broken, that much was clear. But how that played out in the real world of politics was an open question.

For over two years now I’ve watched a cascade of good news.  It began with the candidate recruitment for the 2014 Senate races, when outstanding people like Gardner in Colorado and Ernst in Iowa stepped up.  This was the first indication that, indeed, a great tide had turned.  The 2014 and 2015 elections were the first tangible signs of its strength.

The Republican Presidential field is a sign of confidence and strength.  At least ten accomplished politicians entered the fray.  These people saw an opportunity.  This nomination would be worth fighting for.

So many things have gone right that you could write a book. The latest is the political castration of Billy Jeff Clinton, accomplished by the sublime Donald.  Who would have thought it would be that easy?

Today’s tidbit of affirmation comes from the polls showing Hillary losing the youth vote to Sanders.  Losing it massively.  It’s really not that hard to figure out why.  What appeal does she have to these kids?  I’m waiting.  I don’t hear anything.  Because silence.

She’s banking on the Obama coalition, of which the youth vote was a major component.  But these kids don’t like or trust her any more than anybody else does, so why in the hell would they vote for her?

Rucker and Costa in the WaPo have a piece saying the white working class is the key to winning for Republicans.  Finally, at long last, it’s starting to sink in.  The votes are there.  They’re not going to Hillary.  But they won’t vote for another Romney.   There’s a way to appeal to these voters.  It’s not hard at all.  Come September some Republican Super-Pacs will be given an assignment  — get the white working vote of the Midwest.  Any competent political consultant can see how that’s done.  No problemo.

Nate Silver’s on the ground in Iowa, making out like a real shoe leather reporter.  I wonder if he got a fedora.  Nate can’t decide if Cruz’s glass is half empty or half full.  Here’s what I’d do if I was Nate.  I’d think about what’s going to happen in the next two and a half weeks.  I’d see if I could figure out if there was any trend or movement underway.  What, just for instance, will the impact of Thursday’s debate be?  Based on the past debates, it will be a wash for the Donald, and a boost for Rubio and Cruz.  Add an ounce to Cruz’s glass, and it’s more than half full.

I have digressed.  I was talking about all the good things happening for the cause.  I’m just starting to believe that FBI Chief Comer recommends an indictment.  At that point, it seems to me, it’s ball game.  Even if Hillary is not indicted, the subsequent leaks from the FBI and the intelligence community would destroy her.  It’s Biden time.

If that were to occur I will get down on my knees and say a Rosary of thanks to the Lord.  It’s been about 60 years, and it would do me good.

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