Who hires morons like Mike Murphy?

An even bigger dope, like Bush 3.  Here’s Murphy’s latest shot at Rubio.  These two deserve each other.  Jeb just figured out that voters are angry this year.  What a mind!  Murphy will wind up blowing over $100 million and have absolutely nothing to show for it, other than besmirching the Bush family brand.  And unlike Bush 3, Marco’s going to be around for a while, even if he loses.  You see, unlike the Bushes, he’s a natural politician, and a guy that people like, personally.  If Cruz is smart he’ll ask Marco to be his VP.  Murphy and Jeb are sore losers, and nobody likes seeing that.  They will pay a price for this.

And then I read “The Establishment” is arranging for Bush and Christie to go all tag team on Rubio in the debate tonight.  Brilliant!  Two rejects ganging up on the one “establishment” candidate who still has a prayer.

Even though Ross Douthat writes for the NYT, he is not a cockapoodle conservative.  His blog post on immigration is very  much worth reading.   This guy’s good.

Around a week ago I suggested shorting Hillary.  I need to start taking my own advice.  I could have picked up a quick 10% return.  In the last week she’s down to 50% from 55%.  This is still a good bet.  I think most of the money in these betting sites is from foreigners who really don’t understand American politics.   Read The Economist to see what I mean.  To them the Second Amendment is bizarre, a sign of a strange country.

Nate Silver and gang are in Iowa, which for some reason has got Nate off his feed.  First he couldn’t decide if Cruz’s glass is half empty or half full.   Now he’s not sure if it’s too soon or too late for Marco Rubio.  And then he was denied entry to Trump campaign HQ in Iowa.  Fashion tip to the whole 538 crew:  put on a suit, it makes people think you’re serious.

I read Fox News First every day, and Chris Stirewalt normally has some good insights.  Not today, when he says Cruz has no choice but to go after Trump.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Cruz must defend himself vigorously if attacked, of course.  But unloading broadsides at the Donald would be crazy.  Cruz wants all the Trump votes, and that includes a lot of people who really like Trump.  Not warts and all, because they don’t see any warts.  Taking a little shot at the New York, New York candidate is fine.  But no fighting words.

Cruz has been perfect with Trump so far, and it’s working.  Trump continues to say nice things about him, recently stating that Cruz has been “… respectful of my ideas and my whole being.”  Think about those words, coming from a man as insecure as Donald Trump.  He wants his whole being  — himself, Donald Trump, the man  — respected.  If you do that, he’ll treat you right.  Cruz has done it so far.  He’d be a fool to change.

More weak tea thrown at Cruz.  He disclosed these Goldman Sachs loans, they’ve never been hidden from the public in any way.  A flawed FEC report is not a scandal, it’s a one day story.  I think both Cruz and Rubio are clean.  They’ve been careful, and they’re smart.  Nobody’s got anything on either of them.

I couldn’t find a way to send in audience questions to the debate, but the Task Force is still hoping for some Article V action.  I think as the field gets smaller the range of topics covered at these debates will expand, and they’ll eventually get around to us.  The sooner the better.

As the foremost, and, to my knowledge, only advocate of the Cruz Schwerpunkt in New Hampshire, I’ll be looking for ethanol tonight, and the Renewable Fuel Standard.  Opportunity time for Felito, but one calling for a surgeon’s touch.  He must defend the fuel, while condemning the Standard.  First order of business is to address the Iowa voters who have asked him this same question, and not to deviate one iota from what he’s said before.  But here’s where it’s tricky.  If he starts to condemn the RFS too strongly, as an example of the Washington cartel at work — which, of course, it is  — he could hurt himself in Iowa.  Better to hold fire.  Don’t tip your cards at this point.

Cruz doesn’t need to win this debate.  He just doesn’t want to lose it.

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