Those little town blues

If I could have made it there, I could have made it anywhere.  But when I got out of law school in 1974 I gave up any hope of getting to the top of the hill, and being king of the heap.  I went north, to Alaska, not to the city that never sleeps.

That’s what most of us do  —  we’d rather live in Cut and Shoot, Texas than New York City.  But New Yorkers take perverse pride in living with eight million other people all squished together.  I spent a few days there in 1968 and couldn’t see the attraction.  Really different folks, really different strokes.

So while the Donald won the little debate skirmish with Cruz about the Big Apple, if it turns into a war he’ll lose.  New York City is sui generis, unlike any other place in the country, and always has been.   In American Nations, Colin Woodard makes this case persuasively, calling NYC the New Netherlands to emphasize its distinctiveness.

Because it has always been America’s financial center the American people don’t trust New York City.  We, the people, in the hinterlands, produce the tangible wealth of this country through hard labor.  The shysters on Wall Street are able to manipulate the markets to cut themselves in on the lion’s share of this wealth, and mock us as ignorant rubes while they do it.  This is not popular.

All Cruz needs to do, whenever the appropriate opportunity presents itself, is to talk a little bit about the culture and politics of New York City.  The list is long.  He could do one shtick just on all the various and sundry taxes City residents pay, and the massive spending it supports.  What does NYC spend on schools, and what does it have to show for it?   How many live births, versus abortions?  He could talk about violent crime, and gun control, New York style.  Economic development, the middle class squeeze, rent control, on and on the list goes, never ending.

This, of course, is not an attack on the long suffering people of New York.  Rather, it is an indictment of the ruling class, of which the Donald is so prominent a member.

Winning New York’s electoral votes is in no GOP electoral battle plan, so risking offense to Gotham voters is worth doing.  I hope Cruz road tests this theme, maybe inserting a few one liners in his stump speech about New York vs. the rest of America.  Barry Goldwater went too far when he said he’d like to saw off the eastern seaboard and let it drift into the Atlantic.

He should have just sawed off New York City.



Pleased to see the Cruz  campaign put out the hit on partial birth abortion.  I’ve assumed these people were up to speed.  It’s reassuring to see that they either had this video in the can or were quick enough to find and use it. Iowans can now choose between Trump and partial birth abortion, or Cruz and the end of the Renewable Fuel Standard.  Their choice.

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