Welcome to everlasting life

The BBA Task Force’s newest Co-founder is Joseph Semprevivo, CEO of Joseph’s Lite Cookies and the Economic Development Commissioner of New Mexico.   When Joseph was a kid with diabetes he made some sugar free ice cream that was so good he and his parents began selling it commercially.  They switched to cookies and now make about 14 million a day.

Joseph has discussed our project with Arizona Gov. Ducey, and if all else fails we will request that the Governor call a special session devoted to our Resolution.  Former Senate President Russell Pearce advises that current Senate President Andy Biggs would then be forced to allow a floor vote.   No one has been able to have any impact on Biggs.  He will kill our bill in regular session, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  But if we’ve reached 32 or 33, and Arizona could get us over the top, the Governor will be able to justify calling a special session.  They’re fairly routine in Arizona.  Welcome aboard, Joseph.

Semprevivo* also has a close connection with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who recently made a big splash coming out for Article V.  Abbott is the former Attorney General who worked hand in glove with Ted Cruz when Cruz was Solicitor General.  If Abbott can’t convince Cruz of the merits of Article V, no one can.

Looking at things from Cruz’s perspective, I can see why he’s being cagey.  There are whack jobs like Andy Biggs who fear Article V.  There aren’t very many of them, but every vote counts.  If Cruz came out for Article V he’d lose them.  And what would he, personally, gain?  Kasich is the BBA Task Force’s most prominent champion, and Rubio is all in with the Convention of States.  So where does Cruz go, and what does he get out of it?

This is all a purely political analysis.  On the merits, we’ll get Cruz.  He’s bright enough to figure that out in a heartbeat.  But it may not happen until he’s starting to wrap it up.  The sooner the better.

Democratic Rep. Walt McLeod of Little Mountain, South Carolina is the key subcommittee vote in the South Carolina House.    Walt’s a Blue Dog, one of the very last.  He’s 79, and calling it a career after 20 years.  If we can get his vote we’ll pass the House, and take some momentum into the Senate.  If you know any body down in Little Mountain ask them to give Walt a call in support of our Resolution.

We’re live in Kentucky, as House Minority Whip Jim DiCesare has filed HCR 50.  The Tea Party Express is now totally on board, and have been promised a meeting with Gov. Bevin by the end of the month.  If Bevin buys in, and we flip one more House Democrat, we’ll get Kentucky.

We’re also live in Virginia, filed in House and Senate.  We’re setting up events for legislators in most of these states, usually in conjunction with the Tea Party Express.

Idaho Speaker Bedke is supposed to be having a talk with Sen. Bart Davis this week.  A lot will depend on that little chat.

Watching the debate last night I thought about how Hillary would have fared matched up against Rubio, or Cruz, or Christie, or even Trump.  She’d be humiliated.  Any of these guys would chew her up.  And debates matter.  Remember the first Romney-Obama?

I don’t think the debate changed anything.  The most important thing, to me, was the tone of the Cruz-Trump exchanges. They were tough, but civil, Cruz referring to Trump as “my friend.”  The smartest thing Cruz did was applaud when the Donald did his riff on 9-11.  Cruz lost the whole “New York” exchange, but that’s not all bad.  He did it gracefully, showing that he doesn’t think he has to win every time.  To Trump, I think that’s important.  And we want Trump.

As for the others, they all did well enough to keep fighting, with the exception of Carson, who needs to leave, soon, and gracefully.  But there are six serious contenders in New Hampshire, at least in their minds.  Four in the “establishment” lane, plus Cruz and Trump.  Ideally, for Cruz, the four centrists would all run neck and neck, allowing him to win with a fairly small plurality.

Hey, it could happen.


*It means everlasting life.  Why didn’t I have a name like that?

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