I’ve been Funded

NRO’s John Fund writes that Ted Cruz is refusing to kiss King Corn’s ring.  That has a familiar ring to it, and I’m flattered.  Kudos to Fund for seeing the merits of this story.  Contained within is the seed of the Cruz schwerpunkt in New Hampshire, whereby he springboards from a big win in Iowa, vaulting to a late breaking win in the Granite State, and an overwhelming advantage for the nomination.

Here’s the link to my piece in American Thinker, including a little editing by JR Dunn, which I appreciate.  A couple hundred commenters so far, and very little in the way of defending New York values, even from the normally voluble Trump contingent.

Trump’s running around, waving the bloody shirt of 9-11, and he may think he’s holding his own on this kerfuffle.  I’m betting he’s making the first big mistake of his campaign, and it will cost him.  It could be that his attachment to New York City  — which he seems to identify with, personally  —  blinds him to the negative reaction people have to the phrase “New York values”.

I suspect the Cruz camp  — campaign or Super-pac — is using social media in Iowa to circulate the tape of Trump endorsing partial birth abortion.  I bet it works.

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