Threats to my white privilege.

I saw a picture of one of Cruz’s daughters at the debate, and initially thought she’s a cute little girl.  But then it dawned on me, that she is not of my kith or kin, but is instead part of the great wave of Hispanics and others that are in the process of turning me into a minority in my own country.  To conservative old white guys like me, this girl is demographic threat.  But then I looked at that picture again, and figured what the hell.  Maybe it won’t  be so bad.

Is Big Corn about to back off from Cruz in Iowa?  They’ve been stalking him, and if he’s managed to appease them it could be very significant.

Kevin D. Williamson of NRO is always worth reading, but today he’s showing his urban provincialism.  He thinks dissing New York is a mistake.  What is this normally sensible man thinking?  Maybe he lives there, which is his problem.  Anyway, partly in reply to Williamson I put an article in to American Thinker on Noo Yawk, Noo Yawk.

As expected, Cruz is pushing back on the whole NY, NY thing.   Five days ago I pointed out the Meet the Press video on Trump and New York values, and the Cruz campaign is putting it to good use.  I’m not implying they picked up on it on this blog.  I only mention it because, well, actually I like giving myself a little credit.  And for new readers who think I’m some kind of whack job it shows my thinking is in line with the Cruz campaign.  In fact, it’s a little scary.  It’s like I’m channeling these guys.

Here’s piece from NRO by David French that shows why the Bush 3 campaign tactic of showing that Trump’s not a real conservative was useless.  As he says, a lot of Republican voters aren’t Chamber or Tea Party  — they’ve just been run out of the Democratic Party.  They’ve been shown the door, and have walked out.  But that doesn’t mean they’re conservative, except, perhaps, in the cultural sense.  And their culture has nothing to do with that of Donald Trump’s New York.  Ergo, attacking The Donald on New York values is smart not just with evangelicals.

I read somewhere that  Cruz screwed up by giving the Donald an opening to talk about New York heroism on 9-11.  Wrong, IMHO.  He may or may not have anticipated the line Trump was using, but it didn’t matter.  Letting Trump score a point in a debate is a price worth paying to get the whole discussion started on New York vs. the rest of America.  I’ll bet there are a lot of people in Iowa think anyone who’d live in New York City is crazy.  That’s the way we felt about them in Alaska when I lived there.

And, of course, everybody in New York thinks anyone living in Alaska is a nut.

There’s a word for that:  diversity.  We’re a big country, with room enough for both Alaska and New York City.   In Alaska nobody worries about what’s going on in New York.  But when Alaskans want to develop their natural resources the environmentalists in New York raise hell about it.  They see pictures of polar bears on PBS and get all fired up.  They want Alaska to be a park, and the residents all a bunch of park rangers.  New York is not popular in the West, where I’ve lived all my life.  And Donald Trump is New York down to his bones.

Two hundred years ago, fresh off his victory in New Orleans, Andrew Jackson returned to the Hermitage and his cotton plantation.  The American economy was just coming under the control of the Second Bank of the United States, created in 1816 to replace the First, whose charter had expired in 1811.  For twenty years thereafter Jackson fought the eastern money interests.  It was one of the animating reasons behind his politics.  When the Bank’s charter came up for renewal, it was passed by Congress and vetoed by President Jackson, killing it.  The election of 1832 centered on that veto.  Jackson won easily.

The moral of today’s history lesson is that the eastern money interests  — epitomized today by New York City, its bankers, politicians and values  —  have been disdained by the rest of the country for a long, long time.

My fingerspitengefuhl is whispering to me, telling me Trump will not win Iowa, and Cruz will.  He could win it big.  If he does, he’s going to be hard to stop.

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