How does the Donald deal?

We’re live in Virginia.    Our man there, Delegate Jim LeMunyon, is confident of passing the House, but the leadership doesn’t want to schedule a vote on a controversial bill unless there’s an assurance it will also pass the Senate.

Our Senate sponsor is Emmett Hanger, who’s co-chairing Finance this session.  It’s a 21-19 split, and approaches are being made to Democrats, but I’m skeptical.  The more likely way to a majority is with every single Republican, but that means we have to get Sen. Dick Black.  He doesn’t like Article V.

As you might imagine, any guy who calls himself Dick Black is something of a bad ass, being a Marine pilot in Vietnam who retired as a colonel.  My suggestion, which I hope is followed up by those in contact with him, is that we ask Retired Admiral, and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Tom Moore to call him.  Moore is working with us because he believes the greatest threat to the American military is the looming national bankruptcy which will destroy our ability to adequately defend ourselves.  An old jarhead like Black would give a respectful listen to a man like Moore.  They’re peas from a pod.  We’ll try everything we can think of to persuade Sen. Black.  I really don’t think we get Virginia without him.  The Virginia General Assembly adjourns on March 12th, so we don’t have a lot of time.

For its first attack ad on the Donald, the Cruz campaign (or his Pacs) is talking eminent domain.  I wonder how many people know what eminent domain is.  If you do, it’s an effective ad.  It’s well made.  Whoever is doing his ads is a pro.  They’ve got a lot of material to work with.  I’d like to see a montage ad, blending in a whole bunch of Trump’s statements, in brief.  When he told Chuck Todd he’s in favor of affirmative action, it only takes 10 seconds. Likewise his support of eminent domain, and partial birth abortion and gay marriage.  I’d string all those statements together, one after the other, and end with Cruz asking a question.  “Those are Donald Trump’s values.  They’re not mine.  Are they yours?”

I put in a piece to American Thinker on Trump and ethanol.  This is the ad that needs to be made, and if it’s properly done could turn some votes.  I know I’m something of an ethanol pest, but watching the Donald take the stage at the meeting of the Renewable Fuels Association was, to me, disgusting.  He’d cut his deal with these guys, and they’re all thick as thieves.  They’re all proud of themselves, especially Trump.  He cut a deal.  That’s what he does.  And then, for the first time that I’ve seen, he reads from a script to begin his address.  It’s a script that was written for him by Big Corn, in which he calls for increasing the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Here’s the deal.  Trump gets votes, and the ethanol industry not only gets to keep on ripping off the taxpayer and consumer, but they get to do more of it!  What’s not to like?  Everybody wins.

That’s how the Donald deals.



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