Trump just kissed off Nevada, and much of the West

Here’s the link to my AT article on what we could expect in a Trump administration, based on his stance on ethanol.  The Trumpster commenters don’t care about ethanol, only about immigration.  When Trump falls the key to his most loyal supporters will be the winner’s position on that issue alone.   If the Donald were to endorse the victor, and he did so based on his belief that the border would, in fact, be sealed by that candidate, I think he’d bring most of his people with him.  So even though he’s liable to get even stranger as he starts to lose, it’s important to stay civil, if not cordial.  Trump bruises easily, and requires special handling.

Around 87% of Nevada is owned by the federal government, 67% by the Bureau of Land Management alone.  That’s just fine with Trump.  He doesn’t want the State, and the people, of Nevada to have control over their own land.  It’s better off under the control of the Washington D.C. bureaucracy.

Rnad Paul wants to sell it or give it to the states.  Eventually I suspect Cruz will come around as well.  This issue can be decisive not only in Nevada, but in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Alaska and Arizona.  It’s an important issue in Colorado and New Mexico.

Needless to say, it’s just another proof of Trump’s ignorance of conservatism, and, in this case, the West.

It will cost him, if he’s still even in it after South Carolina.

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