Archie Bunker for President?

In what substantive respect would an Archie Bunker campaign differ from the Donald’s?  And are the people of this country so pissed off at the fecklessness of the Republican Party that they’ll put a Ted Baxter version of Archie in the White House?

The answers are: none, and we’ll find out a week from tomorrow.

It sure looks to me that Trump’s attacks on Cruz are working, along with Big Corn’s.  Cruz is just beginning to fire back.  I can’t imagine why his super-pacs (who all coordinate closely with one another) would hold off.  Now’s the time, for Pete’s sake.

As for the candidate, I think he should talk not about New York values, but Trump values, as compared to his own, and those of most Iowans.  And one of those values is basic human decency, consideration and respect for others.  Any man who descends to the playground level of insult, as his preferred method of attack, lacks the most fundamental of values:  treating people with respect.  A list of his coarse insults, and their targets, is quite long, and very revealing.  He’s a bully, pure and simple.  He enjoys putting people down, even if they’re physically handicapped.

It’s fine to be angry, but no level of anger justifies this kind of behavior, most particularly in a Presidential candidate. I can’t believe many people in Iowa, of all places, would find it acceptable.  I guess this is line of attack is pretty personal, and Trump will be offended.  But it’s legitimate.

And that’s the reason he won’t get the nomination, even if he does pull off a win in Iowa.  That bully temperament will never get more than a third of the vote.  And at some point the two thirds who find him completely unacceptable will have a choice between him and the last man standing, almost certainly Cruz or Rubio.  And they won’t choose Trump.  Period.

Peter Ferrara is an acquaintance, and a very bright guy.  He’s up in American Thinker with an endorsement of Cruz.  Very well done, Peter.

Also in AT is a blog post from editor Thomas Lifson.  If you’ve got a degree from Hahvard you should check it out, right away, for the good of all concerned.

What to say about all the polls?  I read where they have to make 35 calls to get one interview.  It’s hard for me to believe that that one person out of 35 who agrees to a survey interview is not somehow different than the 34 who refuse.  What kind of a person is he, and does that affect his politics?  The latest polling fiasco was the Kentucky Governor’s race, which had Bevin losing by five in a race he won by nine.  Maybe it was just a case of an error in predicting turnout, but the polling has been off around the world, usually underestimating the vote on the right.  My fingersptzengefuhl tells me Cruz’s people turn out, and Trump’s not as much.

The Cruz schwerpunkt in New Hampshire can happen if Manchester Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid wants to make it happen.  It’s right up his alley, as he is the foremost defender of New Hampshire’s role as the first in the nation primary.  He’s endorsed Christie, but can’t stand Trump.  After what McQuaid has seen in Iowa, I think he’s going to endorse Cruz as well, for Cruz has fought, while Trump embraced, Big Corn.  And Big Corn is the creation, and the prime beneficiary, of the hated (by Joe McQuaid) Iowa caucus.

If you fight Big Corn, you’re fighting for New Hampshire.

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