It’s my party, and I’ll cry If I want to.

That’s what came to mind when I saw the Dump Trump edition of NRO.  Yes, gentlemen and ladies, we know Donald Trump is not a conservative, and it matters to us not one whit.  So speaks the tribe of Trump.

He could pull a gun on Megyn Kelly Thursday night, and it wouldn’t cost the Donald a vote.  He has a tribe that identifies with him, a tribe that he speaks for.  To them, he is the strong horse.  Conservatism and liberalism really don’t mean anything to these people.  What matters is that Donald Trump is on their side.  Every politician in Washington, Republican and Democrat, has sold these people down the river.  Nobody speaks for them.  But he’s got their back, and will take anybody on.  And it sure looks as though none of this is going to change.  Polls.

While his tribe is strong, it’s not big enough to win the nomination.  Yet without this great bloc of votes the nominee will have a hard time winning.  These are the people Ted Cruz is counting on in the general.  He’s not tacking to the center, he’s holding firm on the right, and looking for reinforcements.  From the tribe that Trump leads.

In the Washington Examiner Byron York reports on a trip to New Hampshire, and conversations with local Republican officials.  None of them know any members of Trump’s tribe.  They wonder who these people are, and if they really exist. In other words, they’re the people we Republicans have been trying to get to the polls since forever.  And there they are, except they’re all for Trump.  Ron Dreher at The American Conservative goes into all this in a bit more depth.

If you’re a sports fan you’ve probably had a player on your favorite team who was a jerk.  A jerk you’d cheer your head off for if he gets the winning score.  He’s wearing your colors, he represents your side, and he’s a winner.  He’s Donald Trump, the Manny Rodriguez of politics.   Just win, baby.

So it’s time for the gang at NRO to sit back, pour a glass of port, and reread some Patrick O’Brian novels.  Trump’s not a conservative, and it doesn’t matter.

What matters is how he and his tribe react when he loses.  And lose he will.  While his behavior only endears him to the tribe, he has completely alienated a solid majority of the Republican primary electorate.  There’s a majority out there waiting to coalesce around the alternative, whenever his identity becomes clear.

Which naturally brings me back to ethanol.  Robert Bryce, in the once prestigious NRO, makes a devastating case against the entire biofuel scam.  It’s worse than you think.  It’s a classic insider, crony capitalist ripoff of the taxpayer and the consumer.  And when Trump got in bed with Big Corn he married it.  Even in the tribe of Trump there are those who can be made to understood that he didn’t do this because he was fighting for them.  They pay the price of this crap.  He did for himself, to win votes using taxpayer money  — the ultimate insider Washington game.  This won’t hurt him much in Iowa, the capital of Big Corn.  But if Cruz can make this case in New Hampshire he’ll get a listen.

I see in Politico that a Cruz Super-pac is taking on Gov. Branstad in Iowa.  Good for them.  He speaks for a lot of Iowans, but not all of them.  I hope they’re able to get their message through all the clutter.

I saw Trump ask the crowd at one of his rallies if he should sue over Cruz’s ineligibility.  I think Cruz should challenge him to do it.  And ask him to see if he can get Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe to represent him.  Trump apparently puts great stock in Tribe’s opinions.  Is this, I would ask, a potential Supreme Court nominee in a Trump administration?

So sue me, Donald.  Come on, big guy.  Put your money where your mouth is.

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