American Hustle, Trump style

No, I’m not talking about the hair.  It’s his campaign, a classic hustle.  It can work.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, who resembles Trump in so many ways, showed how it’s done in California.  It’s a little dismaying to see this kind of hustle working in the USA.  I have no doubt whatsoever he’ll come up short.  We’re not Italy.  Yet.

I caught Special Report on Fox, and saw Brett Baier do an interview with him.  It wasn’t very friendly.  I’m assuming he knows his voters better than I do, but when he talked about how well he’s always gotten along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and how close he is to Chuck Schumer, and how he’ll be able to do deals with them, he turns off a lot of Republicans.  He’s ahead in the polls because we hate all the politicians in Washington, not just the Republicans.  In fact, most Republican voters dislike Pelosi and Reid as much or more than McConnell.  This is fodder for an attack.

After getting him to proclaim himself Ethanol Man, Baier asked if there’s anything the government is doing that it shouldn’t be involved in.  Trump thought, and thought hard.  His mind was spinning.  He was stumped.  Finally he said the banks are over regulated.

That’s it.  He thinks the government’s too hard on banks.  I’d wager if you asked a Republican primary voter if loosening bank regulation was the best way to cut back on government you’d get a different response.  One of the strongest components of the political tide sweeping Republicans into power is the fear and loathing of the federal government.  Trump’s lame reply to this question is more fodder.

Speaking of attack ads I saw the latest from the Cruz campaign, and it was just what I was hoping for.  Manhattan values vs. Iowa values.  Very well done.   We’ll see how it plays.

NRO editor Rich Lowry is out with a good piece on ethanol.  I’d be shocked if this didn’t come up in the debate.  I don’t know how Cruz should play it.  He can’t do anything that hurts his chances in Iowa.  On the other hand there will be a lot of people from New Hampshire watching as well.  Dicey.

Roger L. Simon is a screenwriter who became a conservative after 9-11.  He’s new to politics.  In PJ Media he says the bookies are putting Rubio’s chances ahead of Cruz’s, and therefor Rubio can win easier than Cruz.  The betting website I go to, tipped by, is Election Betting Odds.  And Roger’s right, they give Cruz an 11.3% chance, barely above the 10.5% chance they give to Bush.  Until recently they gave Hillary a 55% shot (it’s now down to 48.  this is the one to short).  In other words these guys don’t know their butt from a broom handle.

I happened to catch a few minutes of Rush today, and he was saying all the Donald ever talks about is making deals.  It got me thinking, and, since I’m an American, I wrote a piece for American Thinker.  There’s too much dealership, and not enough leadership.  D.C.’s crawling with deals and deal makers.  Leaders, not so much.

There is such a thing as Iowa values.  They’re similar to the Kansas values that Bob Dole talked about in his acceptance speech back in ’96.  I saw it from the convention floor and it made an impression on me.  Mark Helprin, a gifted writer, came up with the words.

“…[T]he first thing you learn on the prairie is the relative size of a man compared to the lay of the land.  And under the immense sky of where I was born and raised, a man is very small, and if he thinks otherwise he is wrong.”

Maybe it’s different in Manhattan.

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