Impulsive, imperial and empty headed

Here’s the link to my piece on Trump and his deal making.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner is one guy I’ve learned to pay attention to.  He’s on the ground with Cruz in Iowa, and says Trump skipping the debate fuels doubts about his stability.  He is without doubt an erratic man, and it gives reasonable people pause.  He’s like the kid who picks up his ball and goes home when everyone else won’t play by his rules.

Actually, this may not be impulsive.  Apparently he’s been trying for four days to get Megyn Kelly booted off the panel.  He tried bullying Roger Ailes and it didn’t work.  His absence will, in fact, cost Fox advertising money, and the networks hosting the next five debates don’t want to suffer the same fate.  Perhaps Trump is showing his muscle so that his demands for the next debate, on ABC, will be accommodated.

My wife Babbie has developed a strong emotional bond with her cats.  She often wonders aloud what they’re thinking.  I refuse to speculate.

Same thing with Trump.

2 thoughts on “Impulsive, imperial and empty headed

  1. Completely unrelated but Donald DucK’s mind may be swimming in a perceived two- pronged attack from Cruz as well. Though Cruz is a trained lawyer and former assistant AG if I understand his credentials accurately; it may be the cross examination from Meghan Kelly, also a established journalist with strong lawyer credentials. My point is endless fact finding and pin point argumentation would cause Trump to lose face prematurely; polls matter to him, facts don’t and to Trump,it is immaterial what the facts are because he could shoot facts in the face and he would still be voted the nominee, just saying. Imagine trying to out debate Cruz 1.5 hours in a courtroom. That just a procedural warm up to a legal eagle.

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