Proportionality, not instant runoff voting

The article to American Thinker on proportional, or instant runoff, voting that I was going to write based on a misperception.  I thought winner take all was the rule after March 1st.  It’s not.  Each state decided if they wanted winner-take-all or proportional.  All but a couple of the remaining caucus states are proportional, so Trump won’t win all their delegates if he gets a plurality.  But there are a lot of winner-take-all primaries.

This is the scenario I’m worried about:   Trump wins all of Florida’s delegates with 35% of the vote.  If that happens, and it’s determined that similar results in remaining winner-take-all states are likely, the RNC will need to change its rules to allow those states to switch to proportional.  Because if, say, Rubio gets 34% in Florida, and Cruz gets 31%, neither one will drop out, and Trump can go on to win the nomination with the support of a 35% rump of the party.

Up to now I’ve thought a Trump presidency would be a mess, but this article in Politico makes me think it might be worse than a mess.  Trump had this whole thing planned.  He knew what his tactics were going to be, but hadn’t really worried about the issues.  The line about Mexican rapist immigrants he made up on the fly.  He’s a true demagogue.  The fact that he’s come as far as he has is truly disturbing.  I get the sense, from talking to people around the country today, that this feeling is widely held.  People are truly concerned, and, collectively, we’re going to see that it doesn’t happen.  This is not the Weimar Republic, for God’s sake.  Thank God we’ve got the long, drawn out nomination process we’ve got.  Demagogues don’t wear well, generally speaking.

I’ve been following this race pretty closely for a year, and I feel like I’m getting burned out.  But now that the voting has begun, things will move pretty quickly.

It’s becoming more clear than ever that whoever does emerge from the Republican scrum, that guy is the next President.  Even if Hillary survives Sanders, and the FBI doesn’t recommend prosecution, she is absolutely staggering to her coronation.  She’d lose in an historic landslide.  And Sanders wouldn’t do much better.  Has a modern political party ever had as sorry a pair of Presidential front runners than Clinton and Sanders?  They’re both a couple of used up dinosaurs.  Going against a vigorous Hispanic-American Senator in his forties.  It’s crazy.  We couldn’t blow this if we tried.

Emerson’s out with a poll showing the top three all bunched together in the low 20’s.  So maybe Cruz could win.  Then the schwerpunkt strategy can be attempted.

I happened to hear Pat Buchanan on the Sean Hannity show.  I always liked Pat.  He said he’s off the booze, and sticks with the vino.  He said he can’t remember having as much fun in a campaign.  Neither can I, brother.

Nobody knows anything, and never has.  It’s good to see all the talking heads admit it, for once.


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