All I want for Christmas is a shwerpunkt

If there is to be a true decision point, or schwerpunkt, for Cruz in New Hampshire he and his super-pacs have got to go all in, and he’ll need some help from the New Hampshire Union-Leader.  His fight against the Washington cartel now features a poster child example of crony capitalism — ethanol  — that he alone among serious Republican candidates had the guts to fight and defeat in Iowa.  If you won’t take on ethanol in Iowa, what special crony interest will you fight, and where?  Will you take on Big Oil in the oil patch, or Big Sugar in Florida and Louisiana,  or Big Pharma in New England?  If you sell out to Big Corn, why won’t you sell out to anyone who you need politically?

I want a schwerpunkt because I want this thing over, with either Cruz or Rubio winning.  The nominee can then begin thinking about the general.  Beginning with Kasich, we at the BBA Task Force have had a lot of lip service from candidates, but little in the way of actual help.  (Kasich excepted.  He has made the calls and worked the legislatures.  But he never campaigned on it, to my knowledge.)  Rubio and then Bush have both mentioned us recently, and support us, but don’t campaign on the issue.  These guys are smart, and I accept that this is not an issue that resonates with primary voters.  I mean, in the Republican Party, who’s not for a Balanced Budget Amendment?  How does this issue separate you from the field?  It doesn’t.

But in the general, against any Democrat, it’s a beauty.  In fact, I am as confident about this issue’s appeal as I am about anything in politics.  But what we’ll be asking of our Cuban-American nominee is not that he campaign on the issue, but that he help us get to 34.  There’s a fair chance we come up short this year without that assistance.  In our target states of South Carolina, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Idaho and Arizona we have a Republican Governor.  If any of these states come up short, the Governor has the power to call the legislature in to special session to deal with this issue alone.  If the nominee calls any one of these governors and asks them to do it, chances are very high they would.  And under the spotlight of public attention in a special session, the ridiculous objections to our Resolution melt like summer snow.  If the nominee will give us this help, we get to 34, Congress sets a time and place for the Amendment Convention and the nominee can rightfully claim credit for helping bring about the first successful use of Article V in American history.

And it is Article V itself, rather than the subject matter of the Amendment Convention, where the greatest political potential lies.  I view Article V as nothing less than an instrument for the dismantlement of the federal government.  People hate the federal government.  They want it cut down to size and put in its place.  I think there is a lot of anger at the feds that can be tapped into.  And any one with a room temperature IQ knows that Congress will never, ever, ever, do anything serious about this.  They’re part of the problem, not the solution.  The solution, Article V,  was placed in the Constitution for this specific purpose.

In the general election the Republican can talk about using Article V as an end run around Congress, which, of course, is precisely what it is.  Passing a Balanced Budget Amendment is just for openers.  Cruz wants to abolish the IRS.   If Congress won’t do it, ask the state legislatures to call an Amendment Convention to propose the repeal of the 16th Amendment.

The President can use Article V as a weapon against Congress.  The Congress that absolutely everyone in the country hates.  That’s why he supports the Article V BBA, and that’s why he chose to exercise his leadership, even when only a nominee, to get it passed.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are very smart men.  They’re both the strongest conservative we’ve had since Reagan, by far.  They know they’re in for a fight with Congress.  My hope is that we get a chance to make this case to them after they wrap this up.  I bet they’re buyers.

A schwerpunkt is unlikely, as I’m well aware.  But if we can somehow settle this in March there will still be time.

How do you spell relief?  Iowa.  And one man in particular, Rep. Steve King of the 4th district, where most of the ethanol is made, and the corn grown.  Cruz carried this district big, and King won it for him.  Next time anybody makes a crack about the greedy corn farmers of Iowa, I’ve got a response.  Gov. Bransted was right, and these guys knew it.  Electing Cruz was a very bad idea for ethanol, and their pocket books. But their pastors told them the godly thing to do was vote for Cruz.

They chose God over Mammon.


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