Bill and Ila McILvain of Cheyenne, Wyoming

If you love your country you rise to its defense.  Bill McIlvain and his wife Ila are in their 80’s, but that doesn’t mean they’ll sit back and wait for someone else to step up.  If we get Wyoming, it will be in large part due to their efforts.

Bill’s a highly respected former Speaker, and was our entree to the Wyoming legislature.  He was a key member of our effort last year, which fell short in the Senate in the final days of the session.

To improve our chances the McIlvains and BBA Task Force Co-founder Bill Fruth have organized a dinner to be held in Cheyenne Saturday night.  All the legislators have been invited, along with business and government leaders of Cheyenne, and guests will include the Governor, Secretary of State, and U. S. Senator Mike Enzi, an old friend of Bill and Ila’s.  Enzi is held in the highest regard in the State Capitol, and as Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee knows all too well the fiscal cliff we’re rushing toward.  He’s strongly in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment, and his unofficial endorsement will be invaluable.  Sen. Enzi, out of professional courtesy, does not tell Wyoming legislators how to vote on legislation.  But having him there is a strong signal, and should put us over the top.

It’s a steep hill to climb.  This is a short, 20 day, budget session, and a 2/3 vote is needed to even consider a bill not directly related to the budget.  They convene on Monday, and the vote will probably be on Tuesday.  This is the Task Force’s first big test of the year.  Bill will be in the Capitol, working the vote.

Everybody can do something.  Bill McIlvain is doing all he can, and it’s a lot.

I was going to take a break from Presidential politics, and get back to the Article V campaign, but, naturally, the Donald makes this thing too hard to resist talking about.  I think he’s losing it.  I think he’s setting up his exit.  The idea of him actually getting elected is insane, and I think he’s understanding that now, if he always hasn’t.  He’s tired of spending his own money.  He needs to get out in style, with a bang, not a whimper, but how does he do that?  Losing in Iowa was always going to cost him in the polls, and today’s tantrum about Iowa voting fraud is just going to make it worse.   Our Principles Pac is loading up on him, and my hunch is that they’re raking in big money.  They will be working in a target rich environment.  The list of potential lines of attack against Trump is long, and juicy.

The standard line on New Hampshire is that half the voters make up their mind in the final week.  As they watch this childish behavior, just as they watched him flip off the only Iowa debate, they have got to be thinking:  this man cannot be allowed anywhere near the levers of actual power.  Even half-hearted members of the cult aren’t going to like this.  Soon, very soon, it could be down to Cruz and Rubio.  I, personally, am loving it.  I’ll take either one in a heart beat.  And they’re both plenty savvy enough to see the political appeal of Article V.

I think I saw somewhere that Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  He is, of course, the recipient of any number of awards, including membership in the World Wrestling Hall of Fame.

When I started practicing law in Alaska in 1974 one of the most renowned attorneys was a guy named Wendell Kay.  I never got to know Wendell very well, but the stories about this guy were amazing. I became good friends with his private investigator, Keith Getty, and he told me some good ones.

In a big murder trial where all he had was a fanciful defense, Wendell was on voir dire, and he was asking potential jurors if they ever watched roller derby or wrestling on television.  Keith asked him why.  He said if they believe that, they’ll believe anything.

It was fun for a while, Donald.


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