“It is clear to me that only the states can fix this problem.”

Senator Ted Cruz, quoted today about a Balanced Budget Amendment and Article V.

Newest BBA Co-founder Joesph Semprevivo pulled it off.  Biddulph and Fruth met with him a couple months ago on the hunt for donations.  He declined, offering to help in other ways.  This endorsement is more valuable than money.  Cruz gets it, as we knew he would, or, more probably, always did.

I don’t expect Cruz to start talking about this on the campaign trail.  It would be nice if it came up in the debate Saturday, but that’s unlikely.  But when he wraps up the nomination, or Rubio does, and starts looking ahead to November, the case for an Article V BBA is overwhelming.

We should have at least 30 states by then, crossing the threshold of plausibility.  If we’re four short, that would leave six remaining targets, all legislatures completely under Republican control.

Getting these legislatures to call themselves into special session, or having a Republican governor do it, is not too much to ask.  The nominee will be in a position where he will be very hard to say no to.

Think about the politics.  Cruz or Rubio will be triumphant.  Everything they say and do will dominate the news.  In early June, let’s say, the governors of South Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona  call their respective legislatures into session for the sole purpose of taking up our Resolution.  Big news.  We’re starting the process of amending the Constitution.  And we’re doing it by using Article V for the first time in American history.

As each legislature passes the Resolution, we creep up, 32, 33, and the big one, 34.  This is news.  The Judiciary Committees of the House and Senate have hearings on aggregating the Resolutions  — more news.  Oh, and by the way, we’re wired in these committees.  The House Judiciary will probably move first, and will recommend a time and place for the Amendment Convention.  More news.  What lucky city gets to play host?  The Resolution goes to the House floor, is debated, and voted on.  More news.

What I’m trying to point out is that, as a news story, this thing has legs.  There may be an attempted filibuster in the Senate, requiring a rule change allowing a simple majority vote.  More news.

I think this can all be accomplished by August if the nominee asks for it.  And then it’s part of the fall campaign.  It’s an issue the Democrat will have to address.  Three out of four Americans want a Balanced Budget Amendment.  We’re going bankrupt.  Something needs to be done.  But Hillary can’t support it.  And it will cost her dearly.

And then there’s Article V.  Nobody’s ever heard of it.  It’s not that hard to explain.  It’s a way for the states to control the federal government, designed by the Framers for the exact circumstance we find ourselves in.  People are going to eat it up.  They’re going to say why hasn’t someone done this before, for Pete’s sake?

The Article V BBA elevates out of control federal spending, and an out of control federal government in general, to the top of the campaign agenda.

Good generals always try to fight on terrain that favors them.  The same thing with politicians.  Forcing this on to the national stage, and making it a center piece of a campaign, is smart politics.  Oh, and on the merits it’s just as good.

Continuing his charm tour, I saw the Donald say to a crowd that all these politicians are full of s—.   He knows he’s losing, so he’s got to compensate by playing the bad ass.

Trump has pioneered a new way to draw voters to a political party.  Be so offensive that people come out of the woodworks to vote against you.  That’s what looks like happened in Iowa.  His people showed up, but he inspired more people to show up to vote against him.  This is a formula which can be repeated.

The Cruz endorsement today is a very big deal. Rubio and Cruz are both on board as advocates of Article V.  One of them is going to  be the next President of the United States.  Even if we fall short this year for some reason, we will get it done at the beginning of next year.

Because the President is going to ask for it.

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